BSF’s Posting Schedule for Book of Genesis

Hey all!

I just wanted to communicate my posting schedule for you all!

You will see in the sidebar that there are two categories for the book of Genesis. This is because this will be my second time through the study. I will leave up my old notes and questions for anyone who wants to compare. Thus, be sure you click on: BSF GENESIS 2020/2021 for this year’s answers.

That being said, with so many of us online now, I know many of you have already begun the study. In an effort to accommodate you all, I will begin posting my answers on August 31st for Lesson 1 of BSF’s study of Genesis. If you haven’t started yet, no worries! They will all be archived on this site. You can simply scroll down my home page, or click the sidebar to find all of the lessons.

Feel free to always add your thoughts on the lesson in the comments for all to view, or email me via my contact form. I will respond as soon as I can. My life is busier these days, so I’m not online as much as I used to be.

Let’s all grow with God this season of our lives!

God bless, and can’t wait!

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