By My Side


If Jesus was by my side
How would I act, what would I say
I know so much I’d try to hide
I would act a different way

Thinking back on my life’s journey
Lord, I have many regrets
Sins that make me feel unworthy
I do humbly confess

What would He have to say to me,
He came to earth to let me see
To show me, Lord, what I could be
Guiding me to Glory

He became like me
So I could become like Him
He showed me love
Why do I sin?

I’m so grateful for Your blood
Day by day it cleanses me
I feel loved and never judged
By Your side I know I’m free


Lissette Trahan


I often wonder what I would be like if Jesus
were by my side. Would I be ashamed of where I
am, of what I am doing, of what I am saying?
Would I make the same choices when facing my
day to day problems? Or would I be a pretender?
I want to be all He wants me to be but so many times I fail.

I know I would ask Him to forgive me for the
many times I have offended Him and thank Him
for the many blessings. I would tell him all my
problems and let Him help me with the decisions.

I have the miracle of the
Holy Spirit living in me, beside me, teaching me,
guiding me.

He is by my side. He is in me, with me and for

I don’t have to wonder, He is by my side.

Philippians 2:13
For God is working in you, giving you the desire
and the power to do what pleases him


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  1. Oh I love that. What a beautiful reminder that He loves us so much to save us and to walk beside us so that we can be more like Him!!!

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