New Feature/Page to My Blog…

Hey all!

I hope you all are enjoying Romans as much as I am!  Powerful, powerful stuff!

I have added a new page/feature to my blog, featuring amazing, Godly poems by the highly-talented Lissette Trahan.  She is inspired by the Holy Spirit who leads her to write from the heart.

You can access her work from the menu bar at the top of my home page or from the sidebar under “Lissette’s Lyrics.”  She will be contributing three times a week (baring breaks and such) so look for her God-given words to touch your heart!

Please feel free to comment on her poems!  She’d love to hear feedback!

God bless you all and have a truly wonderful weekend!

By My Side


If Jesus was by my side
How would I act, what would I say
I know so much I’d try to hide
I would act a different way

Thinking back on my life’s journey
Lord, I have many regrets
Sins that make me feel unworthy
I do humbly confess

What would He have to say to me,
He came to earth to let me see
To show me, Lord, what I could be
Guiding me to Glory

He became like me
So I could become like Him
He showed me love
Why do I sin?

I’m so grateful for Your blood
Day by day it cleanses me
I feel loved and never judged
By Your side I know I’m free


Lissette Trahan


I often wonder what I would be like if Jesus
were by my side. Would I be ashamed of where I
am, of what I am doing, of what I am saying?
Would I make the same choices when facing my
day to day problems? Or would I be a pretender?
I want to be all He wants me to be but so many times I fail.

I know I would ask Him to forgive me for the
many times I have offended Him and thank Him
for the many blessings. I would tell him all my
problems and let Him help me with the decisions.

I have the miracle of the
Holy Spirit living in me, beside me, teaching me,
guiding me.

He is by my side. He is in me, with me and for

I don’t have to wonder, He is by my side.

Philippians 2:13
For God is working in you, giving you the desire
and the power to do what pleases him


God is Good


“God is Good”
Miracles are everywhere
Cannot be misunderstood
I just have to be aware

There is the miracle of birth
Every time a child is born
I am amazed as I observe
How perfectly it’s formed

What is this feeling called “love”
That is something I didn’t learn
A bit of God placed in me
Another miracle confirmed

Each morning as I awake
I see the sun, what did it take
Another miracle I see
Once more aware that it is He

When I look up at the stars
I see the master of the universe
I feel a burst right in my heart
Another miracle occurs

Hundreds of books that it would take
Of why I say that “God Is Good”
You never cease to amaze
I worship and I praise

Lissette Trahan


Life can be hard, but God Is Good.
I have experienced God’s goodness in my
life when I was going through the worst
kind of grief.

I doubted His goodness.

Then came His compassion, so great a love
that my tears turned to joy.

Whatever He does has a purpose. No matter
what I am going through I trust Him. His
mercy will follow.

He is my creator, He loves me, every breath
I take is given to me by Him.

God does not change.
God is good.

Hebrews 13:8
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today
and forever

Romans 8:28
And we know that in all things God
works for the good of those who love
him, who have been called according
to his purpose



Have you ever thought of Mary
What she was told that day
It must have been so scary
To have been told that way

You are to be a Mother, Gabriel announced to her
How? I am still a virgin, was how Mary replied
The Holy Ghost shall come on thee, is what it says she heard
She must have been in wonder, completely mystified

Then comes more bewilderment, Gabriel was not yet through
You will bring forth a son, He’ll be the Son of God
What trust God had in Mary, He knew what she would do
Behold the maiden of the Lord, she said without a doubt

Mary, already had a spouse, what was to be her fate
In those days it was a crime, she could be stoned to death
When God plans your life you know He’ll keep you safe
Mary could have said no, but willingly said yes

Mary said yes to a future, not knowing what it would be
I want to follow that example, and let God work through me


Lissette Trahan

How Did it Happen


Blessings so many and so great
Where do I start, how to relate

When I awake the sun is there
How did it happen? Do I care?
Do I ever stop to think
If one day it was out of sync?

Seasons follow each other in order
Tides ebb and flow, the sun rises and sets
I look at the world and I have to say
How did it happen, this great display

Then there is life, how did it happen
Man has never a life created
I know that there had to be a beginning
Without a God? I would debate it

The fact of the world drives me to God
The order, the detail
I stay in awe

Thank you Lord, I am so humbled
You’ve shown me so much and I still stumble
But the victory I have, no one can take

I have faith


Lissette Trahan



The more I read the bible
More clearly I can see
The miracle of Prophecy
That leads me straight to Thee

So many years neglected
At first I could not see
How it was all connected
The Old, the New
And what’s to be

In searching the Old Testament
I see the New fulfilled
His Word is all one statement
How great is Prophecy

It shows me that His Word
From Genesis to end
All points to my Redeemer
How can I make amends

How did I miss the miracle
Your Word was there to see
A beautiful love letter
Made specially for me.


Lissette Trahan



It was by God’s Grace I was saved
Nothing I did, nothing deserved
I was in awe, I was amazed
I knew something had occurred

What did I do, what did I feel
My first impulse was to kneel
I felt humbled, I felt loved
Forgiven and not judged

Your Grace enveloped and embraced
My heart went out to You in praise
My whole life now belongs to You
To please in everything I do

Although sin will be there waiting
It will not be dominating
Knowing Grace will be with me
I will have the victory


Lissette Trahan