Corrections & Updates to BSF’s Study of Genesis 2020

Hey all!

Some corrections I keep getting emails about:

  1. The answers are NOT available in a PDF format. I apologize for that error on my part. They will be posted starting tomorrow for BSF Study Questions Genesis: Lesson 1, Day 2: Genesis 1:1-2  You can subscribe to my blog, or follow along each day/week by visiting me at
  2. I have responded to all emails. If you’ve emailed me and I’ve missed it, please email me today if possible. During the week, I am squeezed for time and find it hard to answer.
  3. Online sign ups for BSF’s Study of Genesis are here:  You simply choose a group and join! It’s really that simple. I am unsure when you will have the notes/questions online as that is up to the group leaders. You can choose groups based off gender, age, and interests.
  4. Email me with questions either via my contact form or at

Hope that clears up any confusion! Can’t wait for the Lessons! Have a happy beginning of September!

6 thoughts on “Corrections & Updates to BSF’s Study of Genesis 2020

  1. Hi there, BSF online is so confusing! I signed up for a class, opened an account etc… but haven’t heard anything. I’m in Texas and have read 2 different start dates. Could you help me out? TIA Brenda

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    1. So, your leader should be in touch soon. You’re not alone. There is still about 3 weeks before BSF officially starts so hang on!

  2. Hello,

    I didn’t receive a response regarding the guide for the whole study.


    Mary M.

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