Bible Study Fellowship–Isaiah

Yesterday was our first day of Bible Study Fellowship (BSF), studying the book of Isaiah.  I’m excited to begin.  This is my first year.

So, I began the questions this morning and I hope I get better as I go along.  I had to leave 4b blank because I am unsure how Isaiah 1:1-9 relates to dealing with a past hurt.  The passage is about how God is angry at his children because they have rebelled and speaks nothing of forgiveness or restoration.  It only mentions how his people are stupid and how there will be chosen survivors.

Maybe it’ll come to me in the coming days.

I loved the lecture, especially Principle #1: God uses committed people to impact culture today.  I’d like to think I’m one of these.

It’s also good to be reminded that you were born with a purpose in mind.  I know this instinctively but it’s good to bring it back up especially when someone else says so.

2 thoughts on “Bible Study Fellowship–Isaiah

  1. My dear (if I may be so bold)
    I thoroughly enjoyed your words and agree with most of your thoughts, but then I’m just a waffelling (and old-like 87) man that is a 25-30 year old BSFer that praises God every year for it and all the individuals involved. Please keep your blogs going. And as far as the Isaiah 1:1-9 goes, I think it is He that is hurt and discouraged after all He’s done for Judah (and incidentally the USA), so that he needs to exile them…but never to stop loving or leave them.
    P.S. I’m sure I just have missed it somehow, but would you be able to give me your name…I can be specific for whom I pray
    Blessings, “Hudd” Targgart

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