Special Prayer Request for My Great Dane

Hey all!

For a few weeks, my old Great Dane has had trouble walking.

Tonight, for the first time, he cannot walk.

My prayer request is that he can, or that God grants the vets and our family wisdom to know what to do.

Thanks in advance!

22 thoughts on “Special Prayer Request for My Great Dane

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  2. That is one of the hardest things to go through. Pets become as important as your child. I lost a yellow head parrot that I had gotten in Belize. It did not have any feathers, just born. I had him for 25 wonderful years. He sang, had a huge vocabulary. What hurt the worse was that I could have prevented it’s death. I cried for weeks until there were no tears left. It gets better with time but you never get completely over it. When I moved back to the states he came with us. Not only praying for your dog but especially for you. That God will give you peace no matter what happens to him.
    I really believe that we will be reunited with our pets in heaven.

  3. We Dearly love the pets God has given us to show how all desire our Love and to also remind us that there comes a time for us to let them go. I Always enjoy remembering the good times and their love for us. You have my sympathy regardless of what occurs. I have enjoyed several years of of the studies you dedicated to all.

  4. So sorry to hear the sad news about your Great Dane. Such a lovable member of the family. God bless you allπŸ™

  5. I’m so sorry about your furbaby, There is a time for everything, we don’t like when the time comes when we need to make hard,heart breaking decisions ,made out of love for our pets. Praying for comfort if you have to make that decision. I do hope the vets can add more good years for him. <3

  6. Praying for your doggie. We went thru this with our giant poodle. May the Holy Spirit provide you wisdom.

  7. Our pets are very special to us! Sometimes are best friends! I hope all things go well!

  8. Sorry to hear about your Great Dane. I love dogs, and the bigger they are I think the more I like them. Unfortunately, Great Danes have been known to have a short life span, and much shorter than almost all the other breeds. That’s not much solace, as dogs quickly become part of the family.

    Again, sorry. Do you need help with any of the veterinarian fees? God Bless, Dennis Hohman

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  9. I will pray right now for your sweet doggy and for comfort for you and your family. Dogs (any pet) is a special part of a family. I know because I have had so many doggies in my life.

  10. Praying for wisdom. I thank God for all the pets he has put in our lives to teach us how to love.

    May mercy, peace, and love be yours in abundance!

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