Summer Bible Study: WordGo’s Study of James: Week 2, Day 2: James 4:1-12:


Fights and quarrels come from the desires and battles within you. You kill and covet because you can’t have the things you want. You must ask God with the right heart to receive.

God’s people are separate and must not be friends with the world or they will be an enemy of God’s. Submit to God, flee from the devil, come near to God and He will you, and purify your hearts.

Humble yourself, and God will lift you up. Do not slander or judge your neighbor. There’s only one Lawgiver and Judge who can save and destroy.


4) Your desires for things you cannot have. To ask God for the things you want but ask with the right heart and motives. Plus, they have to be things to be used for the right motives.

5) I’m sure all at some point or another. It’s a constant battle against selfishness, and when you have two or more people fighting against one another who are inherently selfish, it’s bound to turn into a battle of wills.

6) It’s always best to be humble and assume the best in others, rather than try to be right all the time. Let God be in control, and quit fighting Him.


Great lesson on how we always want it our way when it’s God’s way that is best. Learning to let Him take the lead is one of the most important things in life. Humility and submission are great to practice over and over again.

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