Start Dates for BSF’s Study People of the Promise: Kingdom Divided

Hey all!

This is an annual tradition that many love and find helpful!

If you could post in the comments your start date for your BSF study of People of the Promise: Kingdom Divided, along with the location, many would appreciate the information!

Thanks in advance, and let’s grow together with God this fall!

For your convenience, click HERE for online BSF class sign-ups, view BSF’s People of the Promise: Kingdom Divided study overview, or contact me with questions!

64 thoughts on “Start Dates for BSF’s Study People of the Promise: Kingdom Divided

  1. September 15th @ 6pm. I joined an international group this year. I am very excited! Hoping to help them grow in the Lord’s ❤️

  2. September 15th..9:30. First Baptist of Melbourne (FL)..can’t wait to get started. Love the Old Testament studies.

  3. Greetings from Salem, Virginia!

    We start our BSF class on Friday, September 16, at 9:30 AM. Great way to wind up each week! Very pleased to be starting Part 2, as I have a long history with BSF and have completed all the studies, many of them twice.

    Blessings to all groups! <

  4. Sept 14th. Virtual from MN. I am in NC. I picked that class because it begins at 8am my time. We started out a few years ago with just 5 or 6, this year we have 20!

  5. Wednesday, September 14th, Vancouver, Washington. We have a satellite class, 2 zoom classes, and in person classes.

  6. I live in Arlington, Texas the men’s class at First Baptist Church starts on 9-12-22 and the women’s class at Lamar Baptist Church starts on 9-14-22
    Thanks for all your input during our studies it really helps out a lot

  7. September 12
    Grace Baptist church southwest ranches/Ft.Lauderdale
    Women’s evening class.

  8. We have our first OLM on Friday, September 9, 5:25 AM ET. I have my first OGL meeting on Wednesday, September 14, 8 PM ET. We are looking forward to praying together and diving into God’s Word and letting it saturate our hearts.
    Fuquay NC

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