BSF Study Questions Romans Lesson 20, Day 4: Romans 11:33-34

Summary of passage:  We humans are too stupid to know God’s wisdom and knowledge.


9)  “Who has known the mind of the Lord?  Or who has been his counselor?”  Answer:  No one.

10)  People often think they are greater than themselves.  They are blinded by pride and believe they can do no wrong.  They believe they have all the answers and don’t need help.  God points out in Job how He designed everything and virtually challenges him to do better than God.  After having experienced the Lord, Job admits he is no better than dust.  Job is the ultimate example of unfairness as is Jesus.  However, both have happy endings–something only God knows.

David explains in Psalm how lowly we are when compared with the God who created the universe.  Isaiah takes this even further by saying we are but dust in comparison to God and nothing.  Why waste time complaining when we have no knowledge of God’s ways?  He gives us strength and hope to continue on the path only He knows.

We believe we can do it all when in reality we do nothing at all.

11)  Personal Question.  My answer:  It’s comforting to know God’s in control and I don’t have to worry about things or others or their well-being.  God is in control of my relatives and my kids and our health and well-being.  It’s good to know He’s the one who prospers me, and not myself.  This is definitely a work in progress–letting go of things and giving God control.  But every day I become more like Jesus.  I need to trust God to bring me clients.  I need to trust God to put me where he wants me in terms of jobs.  I need to trust God to grow this blog how He sees fit.  I need to trust God to guide me always.  I need to trust God in the little things as well that I fret over that I shouldn’t (which I’m much better at doing).  I need to know God is there, doing everything, always and forever, and all I have to do is listen.

Conclusions: Another good lesson on the pride of man and how we are as little as ants and as helpless as newborns.  We know nothing and do nothing.  Only God knows it all and does it all.  Good lesson to keep us all humble!

End Notes:  [Same as Yesterday’s]

Paul is reflecting upon God’s overarching plan for the ages and all of mankind.  Paul realizes and states here how God’s ways are beyond men and we have no hope of figuring out His plan for the future.  God’s wisdom and knowledge are beyond him.

The quotations from Isaiah 40:13 and Job 41:11 emphasize both God’s wisdom and sovereign conduct; no one can make God their debtor.

You’ll never be able to repay God for all He’s done for you.  His is a debt only Jesus can clear.

The plan is God’s.  Only He can accomplish this plan.  All for God’s glory, honor, and pleasure.

The fact that Paul can’t figure out God makes him glorify God all the more. When we understand some of the greatness of God, we worship Him all the more passionately.

BSF Study Questions Isaiah Lesson 20, Day 4 Isaiah 45:1-13

Summary of passage:  The Lord says to Cyrus he will subdue nations for him, strip kings of their armor, open doors and gates, level the mountains, and give him treasures and riches so that Cyrus will know He is God.  God does this for Jacob’s sake (His people).  Cyrus will be the example for others so that they may know He is the only God; He alone brings prosperity and creates disasters; He alone forms the light and dark.  He gives righteousness.  God warns those who quarrel with Him and questions why they have been formed the way they were.  God created us and it is He who will command Cyrus to rebuild His city and free His exiles.


8a)  Israel, God’s people.  Probably complaints about their punishment of exile to Babylon and being pillaged by them.  What do all children quarrel about?

b)  Basically, how dare the created challenge the Creator.  We are nothing to talk back to God.  God as the Creator has the right to do whatever He wants to the created for noble purposes and the common good.

c)  I think it’s acceptable to question God in everything.  Why? is a fair question.  You cross the line when you question God’s authority, competence, power–His character in essence.

9)  Personal Question.  My answer:  Moving, my purpose, pain in my body.  Through thanksgiving, prayer, and petition I will have peace.  He is faithful and will put me where He wants me and will provide what I need to accomplish His purpose.

Conclusions:  Easy day since it was the same passage as yesterday so I was left yearning for more.

I would love to know your thoughts on question 8c.  Do you question God?