BSF Ended. Now What?

I just attended my last BSF class/lecture for the year.  I’ve finished Lesson 30 questions but am still left kicking things around in my head.

The Lesson focused on what we all got out of it.  As I’m thinking on this, I know but I don’t know.  I know it’s impacted me but I’m not for sure how much.  I would be curious to see what those closest to me think.  I think I’m going to ask my husband some of these questions when he gets back home.

This also leaves me wondering what God has gotten out of this. Did He gain some new followers?  Did some accept Jesus and thus earn eternal rewards through BSF’s study?  Did God cheer us on during the woes and during the promises?  Did God get some chuckles from listening to us stumble our way through this at times?

What about me?  What has God gotten out of this in terms of me? How has He used this in me?  Am I a better person, stronger believer, more Christ-like?

I would like to say yes, but in truth I’m unsure.  I look at things from, well, my perspective.  I can’t see myself like others can and definitely not like God can.

There is something churning in my heart I just can’t pinpoint. BSF ended.  But God never ends.  I carry Him with me wherever I go.  He keeps knocking even when I’ve shut the door.

Somehow saying, “I learned…..blank….”  isn’t quite cutting it for me.

How about you?