Pride–an abomination to the Lord
I wish I wasn’t guilty
But I’ve been there before
Feeling so unworthy
My peace being destroyed

I repented and confessed
I have offended You
Those sins that You detest
You know they hurt me too

With pride comes disgrace
Humility brings God’s grace
I will not my God forsake
For someone’s earthly praise

The Word is full of warnings
Too serious to ignore
Lord, help me wake each morning
Today, pride I’ll abhor

I know the days I honor You
I feel that inner peace
Why would I let pride destroy
What You have given me

I need to pray that I don’t fall
An easy thing to do
The devil won’t come near me
If I’m glorifying You.

Lissette Trahan


Pride can sneak up on you even when you are
doing a good deed. I always ask myself, am I
proud because I am so good at it or because it
benefits another.

Pride can keep us from admitting sin. It is like
a self made man in love with himself as his

Being proud of a job well done is different than
the pride that keeps us away from God.

Boasting about myself? Not giving God the
glory? How foolish. What do I have that I have
not received?

My goal in life is to do God’s work.
Anything else is work in vain.

To be humble brings His grace.

Psalm 10:4
The wicked, through the pride of his
countenance, will not seek after God: God is not
in any of his thoughts.

How Did it Happen


Blessings so many and so great
Where do I start, how to relate

When I awake the sun is there
How did it happen? Do I care?
Do I ever stop to think
If one day it was out of sync?

Seasons follow each other in order
Tides ebb and flow, the sun rises and sets
I look at the world and I have to say
How did it happen, this great display

Then there is life, how did it happen
Man has never a life created
I know that there had to be a beginning
Without a God? I would debate it

The fact of the world drives me to God
The order, the detail
I stay in awe

Thank you Lord, I am so humbled
You’ve shown me so much and I still stumble
But the victory I have, no one can take

I have faith


Lissette Trahan

Why Is It We NEVER Give Ourselves Enough Credit?

I just applied for a homeschool writing position with another blog.  They asked for a brief list of credentials and three writing samples related to homeschooling.  They offer a bit of compensation so I thought “Why not?”

So I list my resume per se:  I am almost done with my YA edit.  I write novels.  I wrote a newspaper column.  I blog.  I homeschool my kids.  Used to be a public school teacher.

Then I begin a search for my writings on homeschool.  I have a few here on this blog but they are old.  Then I suddenly remembered my newspaper columns I wrote.  I wrote a ton of homeschool stuff then.  So I drag all those up and copy and paste.

While I am copying and pasting, I am reading them.  I think, “Wow, these are pretty good!”  Then I think, “Actually, these are REALLY good.”

It made me realize:  I can write.  I am good at something in this world besides changing diapers and chauffeuring kids to soccer practice, music classes, swim lessons, etc.  I do have something to say that’s not kid-related.  And I have something important to say that doesn’t begin with a negative i.e. “No!” or “Don’t!” or “Stop!”

I think we as women and moms get so caught up in the outside world validating us that we forget that we don’t need validation from the outside world.  We forget God has stamped us as His from the moment we were born.  We forget we have everything if we have Him.  And we forget that we are enough; we are good; we are important.

God knows this.  So why don’t we?

Easy:  It all comes back to Him.

I forget this every day of my life.  I have to constantly remind myself of Him and the Cross.  And when I do, when I acknowledge Him in my mind, then I can acknowledge myself in my mind and it becomes a little easier to believe I am important after all.  I stand a bit taller.  I believe in myself a bit more.  And I give myself credit where credit is due.

Whether or not the outside world ever recognizes me is unimportant.  It would be nice, don’t get me wrong.  But in the end, it doesn’t matter.  All that does matter is Him.  I work for Him, through Him, and by Him.  Period.

Just When You Think You Have It All Figured Out, God Slams You and Says, “Not Just Yet!”

Ever notice a pattern in life where things are going good and smooth.  Your job is great. Kids are growing.  Bills are paid.  Vacation was nice.  Bought a house.  Painted a fence.

Then, it all changes in what seems a matter of days and you are thrown in limbo again.

Maybe it’s just me who notices this.

I’m anxious again.  I find myself aimlessly trolling the Internet for no reason at all.  For about 10 minutes.  Then I close my computer and do it all over again.

I’m looking for nothing in particular.  When in truth I am seeking something.  Solace. Serenity.  Peace.  Knowledge.  Him.

It’s that time of year again where we may move houses.  Our landlords have the house up for sale and we’re getting a ton of showings.  I think it’s only a matter of time.

We’re praying to buy a house–a permanent home–but our chances are not looking good.

Husband’s job always seems to be in flux for some reason.  Call it the economy.

My pup had to have emergency surgery today.  She should be okay, but it was completely unexpected.  And very, VERY worrisome for her mama who couldn’t stand to lose her so quick.

Still waiting on teacher applications.  You think with school right around the corner, they’d hurry up.  But alas…

My novel has stalled at 30,000 words.  Put that down for a bit.

Trying to read books.  Have no desire.

I feel like I’m following God’s path for my life but, again, His timing is not mine.  I’d just wish He’d hurry up sometimes!

So I pray.  I just apologized to God for man’s tendency to pray in crises and not to pray in the good times.  Then again, He created us so I’m assuming He understands.

Then I pray some more.

Then I sit.  Trying to calm myself.  Occupy myself (my house is very clean!).  And not stay up late at night typing blog posts because my mind cannot rest.

And wait….on others….on Him….to answer prayers….or not answer them (which is an answer as well).

I focus on breathing and picturing God’s wonders in Nature (waterfalls, etc) that calm me.

Inevitably, peace will come.  It just won’t be on my time.

Patience, I whisper to myself.

Then I hear God whisper that as well.

And all is as it should be.

“If She Lied About the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus, Then Who’s To Say She Didn’t Lie about God?”

This is an actual google search that landed on my website about a year and a half ago.

And to tell you the truth, this is scary.  It’s a very good question and one of the reasons my husband and I chose not to do Santa Clause, the Easter bunny, tooth fairy, or anything else that’s make-believe.

Since God cannot physically be seen (like Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy), it requires a certain amount of belief on man’s part that He is out there (this is called faith).  Of course, people do see God or experience His presence or get a word from Him.  But for the most part, these are few and far between and not everyone has these experiences.

I believe when kids discover that Mommy and Daddy are really the tooth fairy or Santa, they are confused, disappointed and feel let down.  People feel this about God as well.  We become angry at God when we don’t understand what He is doing in our life or bad things happen.  Little kids feel the same way.  They don’t understand.  It is our job to give them the tools (the faith) to understand (as much as God allows us to anyway).

You can argue the innocence in believing in Santa Clause all day long with me.  What it boils down to (for me) is this:

In this fleeting world, I want my kids to know they can come to me with anything and they will get the truth.  When TV, the Internet, or their friends tell them one thing and I say another, I don’t want them to ever doubt who’s telling the truth:  me.

Nor do I ever want them to doubt who’s really watching if they are good or not:  God.  I don’t want my kids to behave  or do the right thing because of Santa Clause.  I want them to behave and do what is right because God is watching them.  I don’t want them to think Easter is about some floppy bunny.  Easter is about what Jesus did on the cross for them and everyone else.  Period.  Nothing else.

And the Tooth Fairy.  You have to draw the line somewhere.  And to me this is the most fantastical.  I won’t pretend to say I know how this myth got started but to ask my children to believe some little person with wings flies in and puts money under your pillow all because you lost a tooth is a BIG stretch, don’t you think?

I’m all about imagination.  But I want my kids to know it’s imagination.  And I want my kids to know what’s real.  But most importantly, I want my kids to know WHO gave them the brain to imagine:  God.  And it’s all about Him.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.

End Note:  This is a very old post I decided to resurrect after being accused of ruining a little girl’s belief in the tooth fairy because she googled and found a previous post of mine (read this and the argument I had with her mother HERE).

I want to urge parents to think through these decisions instead of blindly following society’s lead that emphasizes secularism.  I believe faith in God is crucial in this world–not only to get to heaven but to survive in this increasing-chaotic society we live in.  Faith is the crux.  And if children don’t have faith in their parents to tell them the truth in this world how will they have faith in God?

This is my opinion of course and you are given the Free Will by God Almighty to choose what you like.

BSF Study Questions Acts Lesson 13, Day 3: Hebrews 11:17-40

Summary of passage:  God tested Abraham by asking him to sacrifice his son Isaac.  Abraham obeyed out of faith, believing God would raise Isaac from the dead if He so chose.  Isaac blessed Jacob and Esau.  Jacob blessed Joseph’s sons.  Joseph predicted the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt and gave instructions where to bury him.

Moses’ parents hid him from the Egyptians, knowing Moses was no ordinary child.  Moses chose to be mistreated with his people, the Israelites, rather than live in the luxury of his adopted mother’s palace.  He was looking forward to his future reward.  He left Egypt by faith and persevered as he kept the Passover and the sprinkling of the blood to save his people’s firstborn.

The people crossed the Red Sea by faith and the walls of Jericho fell by faith.  The prostitute Rahab was faithful by protecting the spies.

And the Hebrews writer says the examples of faithfulness goes on and on.  Kingdoms were conquered, enemies routed, lions’ mouths shut, and justice prevailed.  Others chose torture, flogging, chains, prison, stoned, sawed in half, and destitution for the promise of God.  Little did they know (as we do and the people the writer is speaking to) God had something much greater in store for them–His son, Jesus–that would in the end make us complete.


6a)  Abraham was willing to sacrifice his only son when God asked him to, believing that God would raise him from the dead if he so chose.

b)  Isaac blessed his sons, Jacob and Esau, for the future

c)  Jacob blessed each of Joseph’s sons

d)  Joseph prophesied the Israelites would leave Egypt and gave instructions where to bury his bones

e)  Moses chose his people, the Israelites, over his adopted mother’s, the Egyptians.  He rejected a life of luxury and sin and instead chose to be mistreated along with God’s people as he saw disgrace in Christ as greater than any treasure as he looked forward to his reward.  He left Egypt by faith and persevered because he saw God himself.  He kept the Passover and the sprinkling of blood so the firstborn of every Israelite would not perish.

7)  No.  Anyone can have faith in God’s promises.  God rewarded Rahab for her true faith and trust in Him.  She was doing the Lord’s will even if it wasn’t in a manner God would approve of.  She had to save the spies in order to save her family.  I think in this instance all of us would do the same.

This example along with Jacob who stole Esau’s blessing from Isaac are great examples of how God rewards imperfect people no matter how flawed they or their actions may be.  He knows our heart.  He knows if we are pursuing him with every last breath in our body.  He knows man will sometimes choose unethical behavior in order to do so.  Which God forgives.  He made man as cunning and full of tricks.  God knows our ways.  And with the right intentions, God forgives, accepts, and embraces us.

God will accept anyone who accept him.  NO MATTER WHAT!

8 )  Personal Question.  My answer:  It’s amazing the hoops these people jumped through; the laws they had to abide by; all the religious ceremonies and sacrifices; all for God.  And not even to get into Heaven.  For just the mere chance of obtaining Him.

It is probably easier in our day to believe because we have a physical form of God who walked this earth. These people did not.  They had to believe in something which they could not see (except the chosen few whom God revealed himself to).  We know if we choose Jesus, we receive life.  These people didn’t.  It was only a promise.  As it is today.  But it’s more tangible to us.

Thus, if these people who had a much harder life than most of us can believe then so can I.

Conclusions:  I loved bringing in Rahab.  Here’s a woman who was a pagan prostitute (despised in those days) who had every reason not to believe in God but she did.  She did whatever she had to do in order to obey–even lying.  And God forgave and accepted her and what she did.  She even became a direct ancestor of Jesus!

This shows us that God’s choices does not depend on how a person behaves.  God simply chooses people he wants.  Are we to judge?  According to Paul in Romans 9, no!  We have no right to question God because we know so little and He knows all.  We may never understand but God has a purpose we cannot know.  We are to accept.  All things work together for my good.

God chooses flawed people to achieve great good.  You never know who He has chosen today.

This is summarized from my study Bible (NIV student Bible published by Zondervan). Great stuff.

This gives hope to all of us who are broken (which we all are, some more than others). God is still using us no matter how far we fall.  If we merely choose to believe.

End Note:  The blessing back in OT times was a HUGE deal.  For most it signified a kind of magical power that will bring prosperity.  However, for God’s chosen people, it is transferring the covenant blessing from one generation to the next–the one passed down from Abraham–that will one day produce God’s chosen people.

Also summarized from my Study Bible (NIV Student Bible Zondervan).

It All Comes Down to Faith…

“Jesus said to him, ‘Receive your sight; your faith has healed you.'”  Luke 18:42

“Then he (Jesus) said to him, ‘Rise and go; your faith has made you well.'”  Luke 17:19

“Jesus said to the woman, ‘Your faith has saved you; go in peace.'”  Luke 7:50

“Then he (Jesus) said to her, ‘Daughter, your faith has healed you.  Go in peace.'” Luke 8:48

“When Jesus saw their faith, he said, ‘Friend, your sins are forgiven.'”  Luke 5:20

As I was reading my Bible yesterday, all these jumped out at me and the common word: faith.  People were healed by Jesus because of their faith.  People’s sins were forgiven because of their faith.

This is only a sampling of the amount of time Jesus talked about faith.  We all believe in God based on faith alone.  We can’t see Him.  We can’t physically touch Him.  We can feel and hear Him but not like we can feel and hear our spouse or our dog.  His presence is spiritual only.

I think our lesson for our time is the same as in Jesus’s:  faith is paramount to knowing and accepting Jesus.  It’s the key to everything else.

Even when Jesus was present on Earth some believed and some didn’t–because of faith.

This is what we teach our kids, right?  If you believe you can do something, you can.  If you believe anything is possible, it is.  I think some forget the crucial element:  “All things are possible with God, Jesus said.”  Mark 10:27

We must keep the faith even when it’s the last thing we want to do.  Faith alone must remain when everything else is gone all around you.

“They should always pray and not give up…cry out to Him day and night.”  Luke 18 1 & 7

BSF’s study of Isaiah talked a lot about how God is faithful.  But what about us?  We must be faithful to God as well.  It has to go both ways as in any relationship.  We must be faithful as God is faithful.

If we pray and believe and have faith, God will be there; He will accomplish His will; He will answer.