bsf's study of matthew

Printed BSF Lessons for the Study of Matthew

With the move to many BSF classes being remote, the need for the printed word still exists. Last year (and this coming year), Bible Study Fellowship made available a free downloadable copy of all the year’s lessons. This will be forthcoming as well.

In the meantime, if you love having a printed copy of BSF’s lessons, BSF is now offering the purchase of the upcoming study of Matthew. If you order now, you’ll receive this by the end of June — plenty of time to get a head start if you wish as well as be prepared for the BSF study of Matthew that normally starts in the United States after Labor Day in September. There are no other notes available at this time for shipping estimates.

The cost is about $10 USD for the Matthew study, and BSF is only charging for the printing itself — they are making no profit from this.

If you are interested in ordering BSF’s study of Matthew printed material, CLICK HERE Texas sales tax will be applicable (where BSF’s headquarters are located), as well as shipping. Do note that shipping costs are via FedEx, doubling the cost of the book. My total order ended up being over $25, which I thought was a bit pricey. I am recommending to BSF for the future to please add the USPS shipping option, which is usually half the cost of FedEx.

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Happy Summer!