Pithy Prayer June 7th, 2018

Please empower me to a vibrant life that is fullRelated image
of your Spirit and always open to your
leading. Please make your presence and your
will known to me.

Holy Father, I do love you and your Son Jesus
with all my heart. Forgive me when the passion
and the love I have for you dims. Rekindle in me
an unquenchable desire to show my love for Jesus
in all that I do and say. Lord God almighty,
Ruler of Heaven and earth, I believe,
but help my unbelief.

Abba Father, I praise you! Please never let me out
live my love for you or my heart’s desire to be
obedient and pleasing to you.

You are worthy, my God and Father, of all glory and
power. Thank you for blessing me with your grace.
I thank you for adopting me into your royal family
by your grace.

O, Lord God. Who searches hearts and minds, please
give me an inquiring heart that thirsts after
pleasing and obeying you.

Lord search my heart and try me and see if
there is any wickedness in me. Give me the
joy that knowing You produces.



Pithy Prayer June 5th, 2018

Heavenly Father, ever near with your loving presence, please bless me with a deeper and more personal knowledge and experience of you in my life. Until the day I can see You face to face in heaven, please draw me closer and closer to you. Thank you that the Holy spirit intercedes for me while I pray. Thank you that I don’t have to articulate prayers to be heard. I come to you as your child, your humble servant who longs to live for you and praise you with all of my life.

Thank you for the gift of the Holy Spirit who keeps my hope alive and fills me with a sense of your loving presence. May my life today and everyday display my confidence in your love by sharing your kindness with others.

Father, thank you for the confidence I have in Jesus! I know that whether I live till Jesus comes or if I were to die this day, I can have confidence that my future is with you because it is tied to Jesus’ victory over death. Thank you for giving me a home with you as my ultimate future.

Please open my mind and heart to know you better through the presence of Your Holy Spirit.


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Prayers for Easter…

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Hey all!

Happy Easter!

Please leave prayer requests and updates.  You can email them to me at atozmom.wordpress@gmail.com or post them in the comments below.  I love praying for you all and firmly believe in the power of prayer.

Mine:  I am running for a local election where I live.  I would like prayer in this endeavor.  I am still awaiting word on my interview so pray that a job offer would be forthcoming soon.  My husband is would like prayer for promotions soon in his job.  He also is really struggling with what God wants him to do for the rest of his life.  He would like prayer for direction to hear God in his life.

God bless and Have an Amazing Week ahead!

The Death of Brittany Murphy

I was saddened to hear about the death of Brittany Murphy.  Normally, this stuff doesn’t phase me but her death did.  I started to wonder why and it is because she was my age.  It’s sad that around the merriest time of the year tragedy still strikes and seemingly randomly.  One day, you’re enjoying life, looking forward to Christmas, shopping for presents, and spending time with family–and the next day, it’s over–no time to say good-bye, prepare for the worst, or even open presents.

Her death is a reminder that every day is a gift from God and we need to live in the moment and cherish the day and most importantly, those around us.  For me, it’s my kids.  I know one day I will be gone and leave them alone in this world (I just pray it’s not for a long time and they don’t go before me) so I’m doing my best to enjoy the gift of them and prepare them for life.

It’s why I’m homeschooling.  I know in my heart that I can teach my kids better than a public school–I know that.  Yet, I’m still tempted to put them in (selfishly of course) so Mommy can have her time.  It’s what I’ve been looking forward to all my baby days.

What keeps me going and motivated is seeing just how much my daughter had learned in the two months since she’s been home.  She’s actually reading now.  In school, she had no idea what words they were trying to make her memorize to regurgitate back.  Now, she can sound out those same words and understand what they mean.  This is the enjoyment and satisfaction that motivates me–knowing that she’ll be more prepared to enter this world when I prepare her, not the insanely-overblown government who claims to ‘be doing what’s in our children’s best interest’.

So, during this Christmas season, I’ll hug my kids a bit tighter and give them a few more kisses and thank God every day for the joy they bring me.  I pray for Brittany’s family as they try to cope with their loss and especially as they try to understand.  Amen.