The Answers I Seek Lie In God’s Word

I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard, “Just open the Bible to any page, start reading, and you’ll find an answer to your problems.”

Lately, for whatever reason, I had been thinking this is hokey.  I mean, if I’m looking for comfort, wouldn’t I turn to the pages on comfort?

But, Day 5 of Lesson 19 in BSF changed all of my thinking, gave me peace in my myriad of minor problems, and turned my thinking around.

I was wallowing in self-pity again when I completed Day 5 and wrote this conclusion: “There is no other Rock.”  This sums it up for me.  If God were my Rock in every situation every day of my life, I’d be a lot happier and much more fulfilled and joyful.  Only God can fill me.  If I am full of God, then there is no room left for miscellaneous ‘idol’ distractions, mini-crises, or unnecessary drama.  God and His blessings would rule.  The Devil would have no place to hide.

This was from Isaiah 44, a passage that didn’t seem to have any bearing on my current dilemma or state of mind.  But the universal truths of God as my Rock struck me and made me realize He wasn’t my Rock in this situation.  He wasn’t my Rock in my mind.  In fact, He was dwelling far away.

I sat and meditated on this fact for a while.  I have been stressed lately:  we’re trying to decide where to move and when and the indecision is getting to me.  Hence, minor little things have been blowing up all around me.  And I haven’t been turning to God’s word for the answers.  I’ve been praying but doing little else.

Until I read Isaiah.  Then I realized (again) God was not my center.  He is my Rock.  And if I’d just slow down for a few minutes and remember that, everything else would fall into place around Him.

I must remember to pray before I flip out.  Pray in every situation.  Read His word and find comfort as it speaks to me.  And all of it (the Bible) speaks to me.

Keep God first.  Remember His faithfulness.  He will do the rest.

7 thoughts on “The Answers I Seek Lie In God’s Word

  1. Hi and Hugs A :-).

    I was going to write yesterday and actually started but never finished (who me?).

    I received a post via email that when I went clicked to post a comment was not there. I’m thinking that since you had some personal info in there you might have pulled it :-)…but wanted to respond and still do…and this post really ties into it.

    You know as an older woman in your life (I know you didn’t ask for me but ta-dah here I am) God wants us to mentor the younger. Not because we’re so wonderful, but because we’ve learned every lesson we can share the hard way…and God, being God, wanting to make our lives easier..hopes that by sharing what we’ve learned makes someone elses road a little easier. How many times have I said, “DUH if I had only listened to what God says to do, and DID it..what better place would I be in today?!”.

    OK. So here goes.

    Keep in mind that this is in response partially to the post that I spoke of earlier and some others I’ve read along the way.

    But first, let me say that you are not alone in always needing to re-center back to God. There’s a reason everyone says over and over…you have to be IN THE WORD. Used to drive me nuts, but I get it now. The thing that’s always hard to remember is that this is not our home. That’s hard. I mean we live here. It seems real enough,right? And it is, for now but compared to eternity it’s a drop in the bucket, and the scary thing is that how we live HERE affects our eternity. So the first thing to write on little post-its everywhere (at least that’s what I did) and made it my desktop is…EVERY CHOICE HAS ETERNAL CONSEQUENCES. And every choice has eternal consequences because they all show where our heart is REALLY at. Is it in this world or Gods?

    OK, so my input…which you may or may not want :).

    One thing that we all always need to remember (and often don’t, including myself and I’ve told you about my every 15 minute reminder)…is that we ALWAYS represent God wherever we are. Whether we are alone (what am I thinking about?) or in the bedroom with our husbands making love or arguing…whether we are smiling at someone as we walk down the supermarket aisle (does everyone hate shopping THAT much that it can’t be pleasant? Do we realize how many people have no food?, but I digress)…the point is what comes out of our MOUTHS really matters to God. How we go through a day. We represent him. It’s often said that its Christians that are the biggest turn off to non-Christians. That’s a huge thing to realize, Atoz. You. Mommy, Wife, Daughter in Law, Daughter, neighbor, stranger, author, champion..represent God in everything you do and say. Yeah, I know. It’s tough.

    It gets way overused but in reality, the WWJD thing..isn’t a bad reminder of who we represent.

    Second point I want to make (and I’m reminding you I am only sharing what I’ve learned the hard way, not judging)…is you don’t get to be “who you are”. Well, kinda you do…but not really.

    We all have “natures” and God gave us gifts and will put us where he needs us if we let him. But my experience is that God is always modifying…changing be more like him. We don’t get to just say “This is who I am”…culture would have you believe that…but in God’s world you don’t. You are to be who God molds you to be..IF YOU CHOOSE (that’s the big step)…and that often requires us to control our “natures”. For instance, a man doesn’t get off the hook “to love his wife”, because he’s got an “unemotional” nature. So big deal. Learn. God said it. Do it.

    It’s true God made us and we’re no surprise to God, but our natures are to be lead and molded by God.

    The “world” walks into situations differently than we do. Not because we’re so wonderful but because Jesus knew this all would be tough so he sends us the Helper to remind us. God gave us his word to remind us.

    I’ve heard a lot of Gary Chapman lately (The Five Love Languages man)for some reason on the station I listen to and I’ve caught him saying over and over, you’re not in a marriage for YOU, it’s about what can I do to make YOUR day better (meaning our spouses).

    Jesus is all about bringing people together. He wants us to see people the way he sees people. And that is that EACH one is important to him. And lets face it, people can be pretty irritating, selfish, etc. Some more than others :).

    Satan is good at dividing. That’s his specialty. Divide and conquer. It’s why we notice what’s wrong so much easier than noticing what’s RIGHT. It’s why we complain more than feel gratitude. So it becomes a CHOICE to express gratitude because we “naturally” want to complain.

    Now, in all of this is a balance. IT doesn’t mean we’re doormats (took me a long time to learn that and still am learning)…or that we never FEEL anger or stand up for something. Jesus wasn’t a doormat and it’s often hard to think of Jesus just taking the whipping and thorns and crucifixion and not “doing something” to stop it.

    But he did that for you Atoz. He did that for your babies. He did that for your husband.

    That’s the center/the rock you need to remind yourself of everday. He came for you. And that seems (at least for me) to help me make better choices in my day. What really IS too much for God to ask of me in light of Jesus? I can trust that he will guide when I need to speak up and when I need to shut up and may feel anger or that I’ve been treated unjustly, but I trust that God will make it right or that it’s somehow working for God and if I look bad, oh well.

    When we approach people..we can’t do it with an agenda. God’s got one, it’s why you are there. When it works out that you get to go out with girlfriends or pick your kids up from school. It’s not an accident, you know? Why does God want you there just THEN? This time, this place, these people?

    It’s easy for us to say “we’re different” and separate ourselves, but Jesus didn’t. Jesus walked into a room with the agenda of “what can I do to help?”. That’s a way different agenda than most of us go into things with.

    I don’t know all the scenarios but for instance the one where the kids were too close to the curb. You were there for a reason. So there are some things to think about. One…was the teachers intent to get the kids killed? No, probably not. Could she have an attitude that she just has “too much to do”? (full blown sigh thrown in)? what’s the solution? Oh,can I come a half hour earlier and HELP monitor the kids?”

    See…the different mindset? Yes,she wrong for having an attitude (if she does)or for not watching them closer… but the thing is that you’ve represented God well.

    There is a time to speak up Atoz but more often than not we’re there to be Jesus in the situation. Your life is unique, in it’s own way. You may shoot a gun and hunt, unique for a woman for sure. I have a kid who went to jail (not so common where I live either)…but it doesn’t mean I can’t relate to the women who God puts me with.

    I remember when I used to go to a woman’s Bible study and all the women there had kids that were in band,cheerleading and seemed always on the deans list. I had two kids. One was in jail and the other was in and out of a psyche unit for “cutting”. Think I didn’t feel odd? And I think I felt guilt and shame because hey, I’m the mother. Must be my fault, I let them run amok. That’s what “everyone” thinks, right? Gotta be the Momma.

    I quit the Bible Study, because it was easier than facing “those women” who seemed to have perfect lives, husbands and children. Who did everything the right way obviously.

    But I learned from that. God whacked me with another 2×4 (I ALWAYS need 2×4’s for some reason). So I had to go back.

    I wasn’t there for ME. I was there for HIM. I don’t know why. We all had children, we could relate on that at least. What was the purpose? One was for me to face that I was feeling…sorry for myself that I “got” the kids I got. I mean why couldn’t I have kids that were in band and on the deans list and did homework? Why did I marry an abusive man…(uh oh)…these kids wouldn’t be this way if I hadn’t, why? Because I’m so perfect? Nope. I contributed to the mess whether I wanted to see it or not…so God started working on me. On the other hand, when I would share what was going on with my kids, it really made the other women appreciate their own lives more…and yes,some of them thought themselves superior to me, but I let God handle that. Most women in the group, shared the pain, knowing how they would feel with their own children. The women started opening up about feeling like failures with their own kids…oh, and the one woman who thought I was the must have been the mother-from-hell for my children to be where they are, ended up with a child in jail as well. Did I gloat? No,honestly I didn’t by that point. God had taught me enough that I learned I could HELP her, because I had been there.

    Atoz, this maturing in the faith is a walk throughout your lifetime. No one and I mean NO ONE gets it right.

    But wake up in the morning remembering these things. Close your eyes and see Jesus being whipped and crucified for JUST YOU Atoz and let it get into your heart day by day. Pain will go away and love will replace it. Trust me.

    Remember that everywhere you are today you represent God and you are there to help/to serve. It’s not about you. Ever. The only thing that was about you was Jesus’ crucifixion. That WAS about you.

    Remember that God joins and Satan divides/separates/isolates, be wary of anything that comes up in your day that causes you to see yourself in a unique manner. “Uniqueness” can seem a positive word, especially when we hear we are to be in the world but not like the world. Our “uniqueness” simply comes from living a life based on what God says. It’s not us. Nothing that you have been through in your lifetime or done has not be done before. I know it’s a blow to one’s ego, but the truth nonetheless.

    The truth is you are here for God’s purposes, whatever that is and there is work that wouldn’t get done for God if you weren’t here…so yes, you have a purpose/value but so does everyone else. So don’t let Satan fool you with uniqueness.

    Yes, you can have past/current hurts and pain, write, shoot a gun and birth babies at home and I may not do any of them, but I’m just a “unique” as you. Satan can make it any difference a “big gap” that is just absurd. I bet although we have had different life experiences and have different “personalities” I bet we could enjoy a great lunch
    together. Don’t let Satan tell you that no one can or will understand you. That’s BS…or should I say SB (Satan Bait).

    Yes, God created us male and female and we are different. Some of us go to Africa and live in huts and some of us don’t. Some of us had great parents, some of us were abused by them. Some of us can get up and walk, some of us have cerebral palsy or were hit by a truck (a great pastor I know) and are in wheelchairs. I mean the list of what separates people/couples/families goes on and on. And it is hard to “really” understand sometimes when you’ve not walked a mile in someone’s moccasins but most of us can get somewhat close in empathy by some experience in our own lives.

    When we approach people like God sees them…like Jesus sees them, it’s different. When we approach people like the Bible tells us to, it’s different. God approaches us expecting the best. Being a person of light in the world is often just SEEING someone as a person and acknowledging them.

    I hear a baby in his crib.


    1. Hey Nancy,

      I must thank you for taking the time to impart your years of wisdom here (and many fine nuggets)! It took a lot of time and I do appreciate it.

      I did remove the post. I didn’t feel it very becoming and I realize I was in the wrong. I may still re-post it but much more modified version. The nagging feeling in the back of my head wouldn’t let me go until I did take it down and pray more about it.

      I am realizing I can gain control over some things in my life. I mean, after all, if self-control if a fruit of the spirit, then it must be one of mine as well.

      I can’t add much to your wisdom here except my deep gratitude for sharing. Thanks again and I hope it helps others as much as it helped me.
      Hugs back!

      1. Hi A.

        I just wanted to let you know that Nancy Dwyer is “me”…NancyLeeIL from Chicago. I realized when I came back tonight that I wasn’t thinking when I signed off in a hurry b/c of the baby to use my sign in name. Tough getting old. LOL. Maybe you connected the dots because of how I tend to talk/write..and my email etc…but if not you’d know why I was so “familiar” with you. Hugs from Chicago where it is supposed to be in the FIFTIES by the end of the week!

      2. Hey Nancy,
        I figured as much but thanks for the clarification so I’ll know from now on. I’ve got tons of stuff in the draft section of my blog but it’s been a tough week so maybe this week I’ll get to it. It’s the 60’s here too! I do appreciate the mentor thing. Just what I needed. Isn’t it wonderful this whole internet thing? You get to meet and talk to people you’d never otherwise have an opportunity to. Love and hugs…

  2. I stumbled across your blog quite sometime ago. I have enjoyed reading it and have felt compelled to post a note of gratitude to thank you for sharing… but, a little nervous about “strangers” I never did. I continue to be drawn to your blog and find the sharing from women who are growing closer to God -and sometimes the comments are so revelant to my walk that I just figured, “What the heck!” So, “Hello!” I’ll start posting comments now. Thanks for sharing your fourm!

    1. Grace,
      Thanks for reading and welcome! I feel privileged to get to know others as they open up and share some of their heart aches and struggles and their walk with God. So I hope you feel more and more free and comfortable sharing! I look forward to hearing from you more! God Bless!

  3. Just wanted to thank you for sharing. I too needed this reminder. I seem to be at a crossroads with work and struggling with raising kids, trying to find my voice while trying to put on Christ. It is a daily struggle and because I don’t have a set schedule I feel isolated at times. I am so grateful for this study and the opportunity to learn. I do notice when God brings people into my path. I think what is HE up to and what does HE want me to do here. I pray that he will help me to listen and respond, not to fear what is ahead but to find joy in the journey. Blessings to you.

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