Who Is This Man


Who is this man who changed history
Even the times are known as BC-AD
He left His mighty power to become like us
From being God to human–that is love

He came with a plan, to save humanity
We had no hope, dominated by sin
Fire, Wailing and gnashing of teeth
That is what our future would have been

Jesus is the man who changed history

Just as all mankind was a part of Adam’s sin
Jesus’ sinless death saved humanity
His death and resurrection reversed everything
He became like us, so we might become like Him

Now we have to choose between death or life
The Kingdom of darkness or the Kingdom of light

He came to earth as an innocent lamb
How can I show Him how grateful I am
His love for us I will never understand
I know before He came He had it all planned

Jesus, the man, who changed history
His one selfless act gave us eternity


Lissette Trahan

2 thoughts on “Who Is This Man

  1. This “man” was merely the “skin” God wore so we could “see” Him, knowing we could not look upon His glory and survive it. Jesus the man gave us an everlasting image as touchstone for grasping the modicum we could manage without dying of it. 

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    1. ” knowing we could not look upon His glory and survive it” Amen to that Barbarann. Great point that most of us don’t realize.

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