The Way


Somebody said “Just seek and find”
It seemed like such a waste of time
I just really didn’t care
If there was anything out there

What I found and didn’t know
God wouldn’t easily let me go
He pursued me with His love
How to resist, where else to go?

Only He knew what it would take
How could I know what was at stake?
The love He showed me was the key
I opened the door so cautiously

Why would He want to talk to me
I’d treated Him so horribly
I humbly asked Him to come in
Would He forgive me all my sins?

He’d knocked and waited patiently
This God who had created me
Then so amazingly
I felt His love envelop me

My love just grew by leaps and bounds
As He rejoiced with me

I had been found!

Lissette Trahan


I was a skeptic for such a long time. I was in
my thirties when I first opened a Bible. I
completed eight years of schooling that
focused on God morning, noon and night. I
left not knowing what God was all about.
Throughout those eight years, not once did I
see a Bible.

When I left, the last thing I wanted was to
hear about God ever again.

Many years later while I was living in the
jungles of Belize, a lady left me a box full of
tapes in front of my door with a Bible. I was
not interested. It sat unopened for at least
3 months.

Finally, one day I did open the box and looked
in the Bible. It didn’t matter that the Bible was
given out by a cult. The truth of what I read in
the Bible penetrated my soul.

God will go through any lengths to show you
that He loves you, to show you that He wants

I have no doubt that if I had not decided to
read His Word, He would have found
another way to introduce Himself. God never
gives up on us.

He will knock until the very end. He is so
ready to forgive, to make you His child.

Revelation 3:20
“Behold, I stand at the door and knock.
If anyone hears my voice and opens the
door, I will come into him and eat with
him, and he with me.”

Who Is This Man


Who is this man who changed history
Even the times are known as BC-AD
He left His mighty power to become like us
From being God to human–that is love

He came with a plan, to save humanity
We had no hope, dominated by sin
Fire, Wailing and gnashing of teeth
That is what our future would have been

Jesus is the man who changed history

Just as all mankind was a part of Adam’s sin
Jesus’ sinless death saved humanity
His death and resurrection reversed everything
He became like us, so we might become like Him

Now we have to choose between death or life
The Kingdom of darkness or the Kingdom of light

He came to earth as an innocent lamb
How can I show Him how grateful I am
His love for us I will never understand
I know before He came He had it all planned

Jesus, the man, who changed history
His one selfless act gave us eternity


Lissette Trahan



My life is full of blessings
My deepest gratitude
It fills my heart, I want to sing
Praising my love for You

Perfect gifts come from above
You bless me everyday
I feel the presence of Your love
You’re never far away

My soul is ever thanking you
I want to show You day by day
Loving others the way You do
I know that is the way

There is so much to thank You for
Your Mercy, Love and Grace
The Comforter You gave me Lord
A gift that I embrace

My heart is full of thanksgiving
You gave Your life for me
Loving and so willingly
My life you Guaranteed

To live with You eternally
I rejoice

God is Good!

Lissette Trahan

We Perish Lord


I looked around the world today
Chaos, Confusion, Disarray
The pain and sorrow, hurt and care
Lord, “What is happening out there?”

What’s happened to the unity
That stood for home and family
Where did the love and honor go
A child to parents used to show?

Abortion, Drugs, Adultery
Are words this generation knows
Corruption’s all that I can see
Lord, “Are you really in control?”

The Faith and Hope and Charity
This nation had and used to share
Where has it gone, it used to be?
We perish Lord, Why don’t You care?

This world You died and suffered for
Does it not need you anymore?
I fear that it’s so blind to see
Are we repeating history?

Son of David, have mercy on me
Incline Your ear, please hear my plea
I know nothing’s too hard for you
For they don’t know Lord what they do

Pour forth Your spirit – awake the dead
Those stony hearts will turn instead
Your grace and love will mightily
Do miracles Lord, as you did for me.


Lissette Trahan


God I am so sorry
I have offended thee
It’s always the same story
These sins that beset me

I cry out so sincerely
Confess and promise You
These sins I lay before thee
Again I’ll never do

Then comes a bright new morning
I praise and worship You
My sins have been forgiven
I’ll start my life anew

So here I am this eve-ning
What did I do today?
I thoroughly examine
What did I have to say?

Alas, the same old story
I have offended Thee
I come again so humbly
Knowing You will hear me

As I kneel down before you
I realize gratefully
Your promises to me
Are not like mine to Thee.


Lissette Trahan

It’s No Coincidence


I know it’s no coincidence
I live just where I do
You’ve planned my life and know my ways
You know me through and through

When trials come along the way
As they so often do
I know it’s no coincidence
I feel so close to you

The joy that soars within me
At the mention of your name
I know it’s no coincidence
Through death my life You claimed

When nothing is the matter
But I still feel so cast down
I know it’s no coincidence
Scriptures with love abound

A peace that I don’t understand
Yet flows through all of me
I know it’s no coincidence
You promised it would be

And then sometimes I wonder
Lord, Why do you love me
He said , “It’s no coincidence
That you happen to be”

With love and joy I formed you
And knew all you would be
You see it’s no coincidence
That you belong to me.


Lissette Trahan