What BSF Summer Study Are You MOST Interested In?

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BSF Summer Bible Studies

For many of us, when BSF ends and takes a summer break, we are left scrambling for some way to stay in His word. Without an official study, this can be incredibly challenging for many, and sometimes, Bibles can go unopened all summer until Bible Study Fellowship begins again in the fall.

BSF is now offering summer bible studies for those who want to stay in His word over the summer. This is available via their app, WordGo. You simply go to your PlayStore and download this free app. Once downloaded, you’ll be able to pick a course that lasts anywhere from two weeks to six weeks. These are manageable time slots for many.

These BSF studies of the Bible include questions, so you can dig deeper in God’s Word. You can watch BSF’s explanation HERE

BSF encourages you to do these together. However, in today’s world, going it alone is okay, too. Plus, this may be easier for some who prefer to study their Bibles early in the morning or late at night.

I plan on picking one of these and posting my answers here. I am hoping some of you will at least follow along and maybe chime in the comments when prompted. Or, just read my summeries when you have a bit of time.

There’s a poll on the sidebar. I’d like your input for which study we start with. I plan on beginning this early to mid-June. I will announce that here on my blog.

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Printed BSF Lessons for the Study of Matthew

With the move to many BSF classes being remote, the need for the printed word still exists. Last year (and this coming year), Bible Study Fellowship made available a free downloadable copy of all the year’s lessons. This will be forthcoming as well.

In the meantime, if you love having a printed copy of BSF’s lessons, BSF is now offering the purchase of the upcoming study of Matthew. If you order now, you’ll receive this by the end of June — plenty of time to get a head start if you wish as well as be prepared for the BSF study of Matthew that normally starts in the United States after Labor Day in September. There are no other notes available at this time for shipping estimates.

The cost is about $10 USD for the Matthew study, and BSF is only charging for the printing itself — they are making no profit from this.

If you are interested in ordering BSF’s study of Matthew printed material, CLICK HERE Texas sales tax will be applicable (where BSF’s headquarters are located), as well as shipping. Do note that shipping costs are via FedEx, doubling the cost of the book. My total order ended up being over $25, which I thought was a bit pricey. I am recommending to BSF for the future to please add the USPS shipping option, which is usually half the cost of FedEx.

For questions or to chit-chat, EMAIL ME HERE

Happy Summer!

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BSF Study 2021-2022

Bible Study Fellowship will be studying the book of Matthew in 2021-2022. We’ll explore how the prophets’ words will be fulfilled in the coming of Jesus and how God’s Son is the only way to Him. We’ll see how Jesus changed our lives and the world’s. We’ll also gain a deeper understanding of God Himself. And, hopefully, we’ll grow closer to Him, deepen our faith, and live how He wants us to live. God bless and looking forward to it!