BSF's study of the book of John: John's Gospel: The Truth

Start Dates for BSF’s Study: John’s Gospel: The Truth

Hey all!

Here is my annual post of when you all are starting Bible Study Fellowship’s study of the Book of John, which they are calling: John’s Gospel: The Truth.

In the United States, the study usually begins the week after Labor Day.

Please post in the comments below with date and location, so others in your area can see.

I am unsure yet when I’ll begin posting. Waiting to see your responses below!

God bless and have a great rest of August!


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Don’t Quit BSF

Hey all!

Right about now is the time many people leave BSF (Bible Study Fellowship).

This is for many reasons:

  • Life gets busy
  • You lack time
  • You are being taken out of your comfort zone by God
  • Doing your BSF lessons is daunting
  • The Bible passages are too long
  • You are struggling and bitter against God
  • The weather is cold
  • It’s just “one more thing to do”
  • And dozens of other reasons

I’m here to tell you that I’m feeling this way, too. Thirty weeks of Bible Study is hard, rough, challenging, and tiring. You are growing with God, but you often don’t feel like you are. And, in the midst of life’s struggles, sometimes we don’t want to hear from God (when that’s exactly the time we need to hear from Him).

But, despite all of this, hang in there. You’ll get over the hump, and you’ll be glad you stuck with it.

Go to class without your lesson completed. Soak up the lecture. Or, do your lesson and skip class and the lecture for a week if getting out is too hard.

Whatever you do, just keep at it. God will reward your work!

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What is the Mission of BSF?

What is the mission of BSF?

Bible Study Fellowship, or BSF, states on their website their mission:

“Our mission is global, in-depth Bible studies producing passionate commitment to Christ, His Word and His Church. Our vision is to magnify God and mature His people.”

BSF carries out this mission with their Bible studies that run for 9 to 10 months and that follows the school year. They offer their Bible studies in-person or online. What’s important is that people come together in His name to learn, grow, and share God with others. All are welcome at this global Bible study. Learn more, and sign up for their BSF study, People of the Promise, in the fall today!

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What Denomination is Bible Study Fellowship?

Many people wonder what denomination Bible Study Fellowship (or BSF) is. This is important to some because they want to make sure beliefs that they don’t follow or agree with are taught, especially to their kids.

BSF is officially nondenominational and simply is a lay group offering a Bible study. It has grown due to its four-fold approach to studying the Bible, as well as its thoroughness. As the world changes, BSF has so far successfully adapted, offering online Bible studies and materials. This is great for rural communities and seniors who can’t make it to an in-person Bible study class.

Consider joining for next year’s study, People of the Promise, and contact me today!

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How Many Bible Studies Are There in BSF?

There are currently 10 Bible studies that BSF, or Bible Study Fellowship, rotates through. They are:

  1. Matthew
  2. Genesis
  3. Acts & Letters of the Apostles
  4. People of the Promised Land (Part 1)
  5. People of the Promise: Kingdom Divided (Part 2)
  6. John
  7. Revelation
  8. Isaiah
  9. Romans
  10. The Life of Moses

For 2022/2023, we are doing People of the Promise: Kingdom Divided (Part 2). This will be the first time BSF has offered this study, so many are excited (including me!). It’s the only one I have not done.

BSF usually rotates studies by doing a New Testament book one year and then an Old Testament book/study the next year.

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BSF Summer Bible Studies

For many of us, when BSF ends and takes a summer break, we are left scrambling for some way to stay in His word. Without an official study, this can be incredibly challenging for many, and sometimes, Bibles can go unopened all summer until Bible Study Fellowship begins again in the fall.

BSF is now offering summer bible studies for those who want to stay in His word over the summer. This is available via their app, WordGo. You simply go to your PlayStore and download this free app. Once downloaded, you’ll be able to pick a course that lasts anywhere from two weeks to six weeks. These are manageable time slots for many.

These BSF studies of the Bible include questions, so you can dig deeper in God’s Word. You can watch BSF’s explanation HERE

BSF encourages you to do these together. However, in today’s world, going it alone is okay, too. Plus, this may be easier for some who prefer to study their Bibles early in the morning or late at night.

I plan on picking one of these and posting my answers here. I am hoping some of you will at least follow along and maybe chime in the comments when prompted. Or, just read my summeries when you have a bit of time.

There’s a poll on the sidebar. I’d like your input for which study we start with. I plan on beginning this early to mid-June. I will announce that here on my blog.

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BSF Study 2021-2022

Bible Study Fellowship will be studying the book of Matthew in 2021-2022. We’ll explore how the prophets’ words will be fulfilled in the coming of Jesus and how God’s Son is the only way to Him. We’ll see how Jesus changed our lives and the world’s. We’ll also gain a deeper understanding of God Himself. And, hopefully, we’ll grow closer to Him, deepen our faith, and live how He wants us to live. God bless and looking forward to it!