BSF Study of Matthew Printed Materials

I received my BSF Study of Matthew printed materials last week after having ordered in late May. However, BSF has updated their printing and shipping information, and now orders are shipping quickly.

If you are still interested in ordering your BSF’s Study of Matthew printed materials, click HERE

I have to admit, I’m super excited! I got the spiral-bound so I can flip easily, and it is very well done. I like how easy it will be to read, flip back to review old notes, and more. Plus, there is a whole blank page for taking notes during lecture — SUPER nice!

Who’s ready?


9 thoughts on “BSF Study of Matthew Printed Materials

  1. I ordered mine in the spiral form also and just got word it was shipped. Can hardly wait! Thank you for the info on ordering the complete set of questions and notes.

  2. I received mine also. I think it is a fantastic product fir so little $. I am going to take my former studies to Staples and get them to spiralize those lessons. I’ll provide my own front and back covers. But it will enable me to get rid of numerous notebooks and have so much more compact a study. I wish they had done it decades sooner!

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  3. Glad to hear you’ve gotten yours. I ordered the day I got the email about it. Hope mine comes soon. Last year my small group leader had spiral-bound copies made and it was AWESOME.

    1. Hey, girl! Hope your summer is going great! I’m no expert in font size, but I’d say it’s an 11. Most definitely not a size #13. This would be a great suggestion for BSF for the future! I’m sure you’re not the only one looking for large-size print.

      1. Size 1 is way too small for me. I could take it to Kinkos and have font changed. Do you think they could do that?

  4. I wrote this before but it didn’t go through. I am trying again.
    I could take it to Kinkos and ask them to change the font. Do you think they can do that?

    My summer has been a nightmare I need everyone’s prayer.

    First I broke my ankle and was in rehab 44 days. I was back about a week when my husband had to go to ER because of urinary problems.

    After doing dozens of test they did an X-ray and found a huge bulge in a blood vessel right next to the main aorta. Doctor said if he didn’t have surgery his chances of survival were 20%. They put stint in and he is back home recuperating nicely If that wasn’t enough he got shingles. It looks so painful and we were both vaccinated.

    I know it was all the hand of God. If he had not gone to ER they never would have found the bulge and done the surgery which saved his life.

    Praise God!!

    1. Praise God, indeed! Praying for both of you! I think Kinko’s could. I’d call first and ask though just to be sure before you spend money on the book. Please take care!

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