Summer Bible Study: WordGo’s Study of Ruth: Week 2, Day 1: Ruth 2 With Psalm 13


Naomi had a relative on her husband’s side named Boaz. Ruth goes out to the fields to pick up the leftover grain (this was an ancient Israelite law so that the poor and widows would be provided for). She found herself working in Boaz’s fields.

Boaz arrived back from a trip to Bethelehem one day and noticed Ruth in the fields and asked about her. The foreman told him that she was a Moabitess who came back with Naomi and has been working steadily in the fields all day.

Boaz tells Ruth to stay in his fields where she will be protected and have all of the wheat she will need, as well as water. No harm will come to her here. Ruth asks him why he is showing her kindness, and he replies that he has heard all that she has done for her mother-in-law. He asks the Lord to reward her richly for it.

Boaz called Ruth over at mealtime and gave her bread and wine vinegar, as well as roasted grain. Boaz ordered his men to leave her extra bundles of grain to glean. Ruth threshed the barley after she had gathered it and brought it back to Naomi, as well as her extra food from dinner.

Naomi asked Ruth where she had worked. She replied in the fields of Boaz. Naomi exclaims he is one of her kinsman-redeemers. Naomi told her to stay with Boaz’s servant girls because she will be safe there. Ruth worked in the fields until the harvest was over.


David asks the Lord how long he will forget him or turn away from him. How long must he have sorrow in his heart and his enemies triumph over him? David pleads with the Lord to answer him and to give him light to see by. He trusts in God’s unfailing love, and he rejoices in God’s salvation. He will sing to God.


1 ) Life still goes on. Ruth goes to the fields to provide for her and Naomi. They don’t lie down and quit.

2 ) Pray. I pray a lot. I still have faith like these two women. Life is what it is; you cannot change it. All you can do is go on.


This should be a fun week studying Ruth’s diligence in providing for her and Naomi and how hard work gets noticed by Boaz. Great lesson relevant to today’s times of hand-outs instead of work.

A kindsman-redeemer is someone in Old Testament times who had a right and a responsibility to redeem or avenge for a relative.

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