BSF Study Questions Genesis Lesson 22, Day 2: Genesis 27:1-25

Summary of passage:  Isaac, now old and blind, asks Esau to hunt him some wild game and prepare him a meal at which he will give him his blessing.  Rebekah overheard Isaac tell Esau this so she told Jacob to go and bring her some young goats to prepare for him so that Jacob can go and receive Isaac’s blessing.  Jacob wonders though if Isaac touches him what to do because Esau is hairy and he is not.  His mother said not to worry.

Rebekah prepared the food and then dressed up Jacob in Esau’s clothes.  She covered his hands and neck with goatskins and sent him in to Isaac.  Jacob says he is Esau and bids his father to eat.  Isaac wonders how he found the game so quickly.  Jacob says the Lord granted him success.

Isaac suspects a trick and asks to touch Jacob.  He knows Jacob’s voice but falls for the goatskin trick.  Isaac blessed Jacob but is still unsure if he is Esau or not.  Jacob lies again, saying he is.  Isaac ate of the game.


3)  Isaac planned to bless Esau and give him the birthright, which defied God’s plan which He revealed to Rebekah before Esau was even born (Genesis 25:23).  God intended Joseph to have the “older serve the younger.”

4a)  In this passage only, Jacob and Rebekah conspire to gain the blessing by having Jacob pretend to be Esau.  Jacob dressed up in goatskin to simulate Esau’s hair.  He wore Esau’s clothes.  Rebekah cooked a meal for Isaac.  Jacob lied to Isaac about his identity.

b)  Personal Question.  My answer:  Don’t lie or deceive or white lie.  Numerous times I have posted about not lying to your kids so they will trust you in the big things.  HERE and HERE if interested.  Have an open relationship.  Have God at the center.  For if God is the center, love and honesty reign.

5a)  She did everything in her power to have Jacob receive the blessing as God intended.  And it worked.

b)  They were deceptive and involved lies and tricks.  Rebekah would have been better served if she had confronted Isaac about his intentions and told him to pray to God to ask for the truth.

c)  Same as above.  White lies.  Or lies.  Cheating people.  Deceiving people.

Conclusions:  Not happy AT ALL about this filler lesson.  I thought we had milked this passage already and here it shows up again?  Seriously?  Enough with the review.  In my opinion, nothing is learned in this lesson we didn’t already know.  We knew God’s plan.  We knew the deceptions Jacob and Rebekah do.  And we know the deceptions Christians (as all people-not just Christians) do today.  Wasted lesson in my opinion.

My time is valuable.  There’s so much in this world I don’t have time for.  And redundant study of a passage is something I don’t have patience for.  A year-long bible study in this society is a huge commitment.  And if indeed this lesson is just to stretch it out I have qualms with that.  I’d rather end a week earlier.  I have no problems being done in April.

In my class, you can tell people are dropping out.  Not as many women are coming nor kids.  This happens every year at the end of the study from my observations.  And maybe lessons like this is part of the reason why.  Something BSF should consider as they are analyzing attendance and growth numbers.

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  1. You have been blessed with understanding and insight. Have you ever read a scripture and discovered something new? As we grow in Christ, God provides us with a more in-depth understanding of His word. Although some of the lesson may “appear” to be repetitive, those who are new to bible study obtain a better understanding of His word.

    The time and effort you put into writing is a blessing for many. ♥

  2. I have attended BSF for many years. I think that the attendance gets smaller in the spring because parents are torn with their children’s sports activities and because of a lack of commitment from some class members. Also, I don’t think it is wrong to emphasize certain chapters. Each time I study, I always learn something new. It is a huge priviledge for me to be able to attend BSF. IMHO, it is the best Bible study around!

  3. I hear your frustration, atozmom. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your insight into our studies!

  4. I agree with you completely! I started BSF with the study of John and then went on to Isaiah. I skipped Acts because of a major & heartbreaking move from AZ to CA, but decided to return with Genesis since my church didn’t have a Bible study. This time, I even got my husband and kids to attend BSF for the first time! Unfortunately, my husband and kids are really struggling with the repitition of this study. And I am, too, frankly. I keep telling them (and myself, too) that the repitition is good for those new to the Bible, but after the way the studies of John and Isaiah trucked along, this study of Genesis has been very disappointing. And THIS lesson is ridiculous! My husband says he won’t return for another study with BSF and I feel like I’m punishing my kids with the Bible and taking the joy out of it for them, rather than encouraging them to have personal time in the Word (which they do anyway) and helping them to see the joy and depth of it, by making them go. My kids have been raised in church, and while I tell them that we will constantly study things we know in the Word as we become adults and that God can reveal new insights to us each time, corresponding to what we’re going through at that time in our lives, this study is just frustrating to them. Also, though it’s not BSF’s fault, my highschoolers have each only had one or two other kids in their classes besides themselves, which discouraged my daughter right from the start and certainly doesn’t help her want to attend. I have enjoyed BSF, though there are parts that are frustrating to me (I’m so glad I’m not alone in it: many BSFers seem fanatic about its perfection), but after this study, I know my family will not return, and I think it would be hard for me to return, too. I think BSF is a good thing and I’m glad it exists and I know God has worked through each study I’ve done, so I’m thankful, but that doesn’t negate my wondering about the choices they have made in this study.

  5. We don’t have the problem of a repetitive lesson.. because we got socked with a snow storm and class cancelled. So this was a quick review lesson. We really we could combine both lessons in discussion (I know they will for lecture), if for some reason there is a *jewel* in this 2nd lesson.

    I wasn’t so much annoyed by this repetition (but this is my 3rd time through Genesis and I knew what to expect). I did like the question about the deceptions they did. Jacob lied…3x! I have a hard time reconciling lying even with the intention of fulfilling God’s prophecy. It was a longer list than I expected.

    If the prophecy was known in the family, I *can imagine* (BSF note phase used to enlarge a story) that Esau wasn’t comfortable with that looming fulfillment. Over time, bitterness could develop when you know the privileges that you were born to (1st born), but also know that wouldn’t be yours. Brothers, being brothers, *might have* (another BSF note phrase) taunted each other, resented the other. I don’t fault Esau like these questions do. Human nature is human nature. How easy would it be for any of us to give up that status.

    Yes, I know he “despised” his birthright. But, I explained my thoughts on that above. Jacob was trying to wield it from him even then. How many times had Esau heard that that it was not to be his anyway?

    I think it is a difficult concept to accept that God chooses who he chooses. Whether it is an individual to be saved (I don’t fully understand the parameters of this) or a family. Honestly, I feel like I was born into an family with less benefits, (unchosen?). Lots of tragic deaths, addictions, poverty. It has been a MAJOR struggle to *climb up the ladder*. I work with *silver-spoon* kids and they have NO idea what life struggles are like.

    Just venting.

  6. I feel like the repetition is a good opportunity to delve a little deeper into the study. I know we are all so busy now a days and sometimes it is hard for me to do anything but answer the basic question. This gives me a chance to read commentaries and other material about the subject that I wouldn’t normally have time to do. I can study time lines and interesting notes on what else was going on at that time. I can look up all the scripture that correlates with Genesis and study it more. For instance I can read a profile on Esau or even click on one of your highlighted areas that take me to another lesson where you wrote about something related to that. Normally I’d not have time to keep going deeper and deeper. Also, I agree with some of the people above, it’s called the “living Word” for a reason. it is amazing how i’ll read a passage I have read 50 times before and it will speak to me in a whole new way!! What a gift that is and just amazing!! Hang in there, I love your blog!!! If you feel like you already covered something give us some more of your awesome links to maps, commentaries and all the other treasures you post here instead of spending much time on the question you’ve already answered before!! You are such a blessing to us i’d love to see what else you have to say that relates.

  7. I have a question that I’d love to have your insight on. My husband and I were discussing this lesson and what the Lord told Rebekah. When I told him BSF’s direction that God WANTED Jacob to have the blessing, therefore, even though Jacob’s motives were wrong his desire was right; my husband completely disagreed. He brought up how Jesus told Peter “You will deny me three times.” Did that mean Jesus wanted him to do that? NO, he was relaying what he knew Peter would do. So, was the Lord just telling Rebekah what her son would do?….. a self-fulfilling prophecy? (Hope I explained this to where it makes sense) I’m torn on this. I too struggle with the idea that Jacob’s desire for what wasn’t his was so great given how deceitful he was. I think sometimes BSF does a lot of supposing and conjecture and I’m just not sure on this one.

    1. EJ,

      No, Jesus NEVER wanted Peter to deny him. We were given Free Will by God to decide our fate. Jesus just knew Peter would deny him for God knows all things. Peter chose to deny him.

      I agree with you. God did want Jacob instead of Esau because He knew Jacob had a heart for Him; whereas, Esau did not.

      Jacob’s desire for what wasn’t his lives in all of us. It’s when we covet others’ success and want what others have. It’s when we strive so hard in life that we’ll do anything to have it. It’s when we lie to get ahead in our career. It’s when we listen to the devil instead of God. That is sin.

      But that is also how we achieve what we have achieved. That desire to better ourselves and our lives. That God given desire. It goes both ways.

      Yes, Jacob sinned when he deceived his father. But it was God’s will. God chose Jacob BEFORE he was born.

      I believe there was a better way to go about this. That Jacob would have received it without Rebekah’s intervention. But as a Fallen man, that is what Jacob CHOSE.

      See what I’m saying here?

      Yes, God chooses whom He wants for His reasons that we cannot understand. For we don’t know God’s thoughts. But He knows ours. He is God. He can do what He wants.

      Peter chose to deny Christ. But Jesus knew he would. He was just telling him ahead of time like God did Rebekah. Again, for reasons we as humans cannot understand. For God’s purposes for His will. Not ours.

      Hope that helps and thanks for writing and asking!

      PS. I agree on the conjecture part. But that’s all commentary really. Since none of us lived in those times nor do we truly understand those times (despite what scholars think they know), we can only conjecture. Conjecturing with a hope of understanding just a tiny bit more of God’s wisdom.

  8. I think that BSF does a good job of presenting Scripture and its application to our lives toward the goal of forming us to be more Christ-like. That said, I have personal complaints:

    (1) BSF is not denominational, but some members inject demoninational issues (there are plenty of hot/divisive ones) into the discussions. This distracts from the main focus on the Bible. Jesus is Lord; let’s keep that at the center.

    (2) Too many of the questions are the just-the-facts-ma’am type without practical application

    (3) BSF discourages the use of commentaries. I understand that this encourages members to read scriptures for themselves and let the Holy Spirit speak without additional tools; but there are times when the additional help of a commentary is useful to gain the maximum benefit from reading the Scriptures.

    I have been in BSF for 5 1/2 years. It has been a great help to me to keep my focus on Christ, the author and finisher of our faith. This period of time has been piled up with personal difficulties which could easily have derailed me. Through the discipline of regular Bible study and prayer, I have stayed on track. The Holy Spirit still has tied me to his tether and will not let me go.

  9. I have been doing BSF for 13 continuous years now. Talk about repetitive. You would think I would remember the things I learn and that I would be holy as Jesus by now. But if it wasn’t for the Holy Spirit I would not be able to bear the fruit from BSF and the years of being in His word. GOD BLESS BSF in all parts of the World! Because God knows if I didn’t stay repeating His word, I’d be watching re-runs on Nick at night. I’d rather be watching Gods re-runs..Ha-ha!

  10. I think that some of your comments are to strong. I enjoy BSF and have been a Christian reading the bible for years. Some of us need repetition when we get older and attempt to attend a class such as BSG. I live by your ministry and after reading the lesson and going over what I think, I alway refer back to your comments. God has blessed you with repetition of being able to break down the lessons, so don’t get discourage and contiue to help me and other older adults. God Bless you and your family.

  11. I thank- you sincerely from my heart for the thoughts you bring forth.
    I encourage you to continue as it helps me understand so my.

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