BSF Study Questions Genesis Lesson 22, Day 4: Genesis 27:42-28:9 with Hebrews 12:6-14

Summary of passages:  Genesis 27:42-28:9:  Rebekah hears Esau’s plans to kill Jacob so she sends for Jacob and tells him to go and live with her brother Laban in Haran until Esau’s temper cools. She tells Isaac she doesn’t want Jacob to marry a Hittite woman so Isaac blesses him and commands him to go to Paddan Aram to the house of his mother’s father Bethuel and take a wife from the daughters of Laban.  He blessed him again with fruitfulness and with the blessing given to Abraham.

Esau learned what had happened and he took a wife from Ishmael’s line in an effort to please his father.

Hebrews 12:6-14:  The Lord disciplines those He loves and punishes everyone He accepts as a son. Endure hardship as discipline for God is treating you as a son.  For if you are not disciplines then you are not sons of God.  Everyone is disciplined.  God disciplines us for our good so we may share in His holiness.

Discipline is never pleasant but it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace.


10)  Jacob got sent away from the only home he has known.  He has to endure Laban.  He is tricked into marrying Leah.  He had to work for 14 years to have Rachel.  He slept with her maidservant when she couldn’t have kids (sound familiar?). He has to flee from Laban.

Rebekah spends the rest of her days without Jacob.  She dies before he returns-never seeing him again or getting the chance to say good-bye.

11)  Just the fact that Isaac is giving Jacob the blessing willingly when he really wants to give it to Esau shows he trusts God when God chose Jacob to be the heir.  He trusts God to find a wife for Jacob.  He blesses Jacob with the same blessing God has blessed him with:  bless him financially and multiply in number and take possession of the Promised Land.

Conclusions:  I have nothing positive to say about this lesson so I won’t say anything at all.

8 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions Genesis Lesson 22, Day 4: Genesis 27:42-28:9 with Hebrews 12:6-14

  1. Our BSF just received Lesson 21 today, Feb. 20, 2013. All BSF groups are supposed to be working on the same lesson, so that members can join other groups when they are travelling, etc. How is it, then, that you are on Lesson 22?

  2. My concern is that you don’t see the value in steeping on a portion of scripture. Perhaps you need to look further at why you are so frustrated? BSF might have become a task that you do, rather than something that changes you. I have visited your blog on several occasions and have enjoyed your insight; however, perhaps your frustration with BSF should not be shared here but discussed with the writers of the program. Venting here does nothing to change what you don’t appreciate. In addition, I see a cycle in ministry where depression and stress are heavy at this time of the year. Ask God how you can encourage those families who are not coming. It is great that you see the decreasing attendance. The Holy Spirit is working…now, do something about it! I say this is love and plan to do the same with my group.

  3. Re: Question #11: Actually, Isaac believes he is giving his blessing to Esau, so he isn’t willingly giving it to Jacob.

  4. Ladies, we are visitors to this authors life and journey. There is no reason to attack because you don’t share the same opinion, although prayers for all your Sisters in Christ are welcomed. Steeping? Truth is not in the words on the page…it’s in the meaning and the lesson to be learned. Possibly, some get the lesson quicker than others! Kudos to whomever this blogger is…sometimes she gives voice to my shared observations and opinions!

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