BSF Study Questions Genesis Lesson 27, Day 3: Genesis 39

Summary of passage:  Joseph was taken to Egypt and purchased by Potiphar, the captain of Pharaoh’s guard.  Because the Lord was with Joseph, he became Potiphar’s attendant and then put in charge of his household and everything in it.  Because of Joseph’s presence, the Lord blessed Potiphar and everything in his house and in his fields.

Potiphar’s wife tried to get Joseph to sleep with her but Joseph refused, saying he is to care for everything that is his master’s and he cannot sin against God committing adultery.  She tried daily and he avoided her.

One day Joseph was alone with Potiphar’s wife and she grabbed him by his cloak.  He slipped out of his cloak and ran outside.  She told her servants that he had come to her to try to sleep with her and had left his cloak behind.  She told Potiphar who put Joseph in prison.

Still, the Lord was with Joseph so Joseph was put in charge of all the prisoners and all the happenings there and had success in whatever he did.


6a)  He refused, telling her it would be a sin against God and a wicked thing to betray his master’s trust. He avoided her the best he could.

b)  Personal Question.  My answer:  Same.  Try to avoid whatever is causing the sin.  Pray to God for strength to overcome.

7a)  He gained experience running a household that I imagined was quite large.  He had to delegate tasks.  He had to learn about both the farming and the domestic aspects.  He then ran a prison, which probably entailed much of the same tasks but some new ones.  All throughout God was building Joseph’s trust in Him, which is the most important skill Joseph would need to lead others.

b)  Personal Question.  My answer:  I don’t know.  Honestly.  Not sure where I’m supposed to be.

Conclusions:  Yesterday I was mixed.  Today I’m just disappointed.  There was a lot of history in this chapter that was just glossed over.  I would have liked to have seen more emphasis on how these events could only have happened because of God.  A Hebrew (foreign) slave running a household?  Never.  Running a prison?  Doubtful.

BSF usually sends us to other places in the Bible when we discuss a topic such as temptation.  This lesson they did not.  I would have liked to have read more on that.

Not all of us are called to be leaders.  We just can’t be.  Then we’d all be butting heads for decision making.  I’m just not for sure I’m being trained for leadership for God and how (or if) my present circumstances are contributing to that.

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  1. Atozmom, I saw what you wrote this week concerning Google… Awesome & true! (& you write very well BTW!) I saw what you posted yesterday: “Something was missing–depth perhaps?” Yes! True again. The “frustrations” of discernment… It IS a GIFT! In the end Atozmom, these “gaps and discrepancies” will actually bring you the greatest blessings! It’s a Proverbs 2 thing… He keeps His promises! In todays post you wrote: “Today I’m just disappointed. There was a lot of history in this chapter that was just glossed over.”… Oh yes indeed! Search for Him Atozmom! — And fear not! Your reward will be great.

  2. Hi, I dropped out of BSF for a lot of reasons and your blog is keeping me learning. Your insight and extra facts is what I had been doing. Searching for more knowledge, I firmly believe that to know God is to love Him. The more we know the more we can understand and love Him. Knowing how the customs were made it so much more personal. Maybe I’m not saying it right but please know that your blog I believe is what you are supposed to be doing at this time. Thanks and many blessings to you and yours. Sandy

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  3. Surrender yourself to God and he will use you for the purpose of His Glory. I really enjoy study with you. Don’t be discouraged, the walk get’s shorter as we trust in God.

  4. I would like to echo JoAnn’s thoughts and ADD that God is already using you in leadership. How many people follow your blog? How many women in your church look to you for Biblical answers? You never know who is watching your example or when God may choose to elevate you. A few years back I felt much the same as you are feeling now. Then out of the blue my sister’s church asked me to speak about my conversion experience at their annual retreat for women. I was delighted to do it because I knew that all my years in BSF had prepared me well to share the gospel. I look back now on the quiet years at home and realize they were preparation for what He has me doing now!

  5. I get frustrated@ times with the way questions are worded, but that just makes me a bit more determined to think of my circumstance(s) and seek the answer in more depth. I got my mind made up. I started BSF and I will continue with it, because I’ve gained so much more understanding of His Word and as well as myself. If I get stumped, I do refer to your blog. So don’t be discouraged about leadership, everyone’s leadership roles come in different forms. I think all too often we look @ the amazing things that people in the Bible had to endure and to overcome their trials and sufferings, so we tend to think that our situations and trials are to be “just like theirs”. Yes we want God to use us too for GREAT things, HE does. Just like have to be “STILL” so that we can listen to HIS VOICE, we also have to be “STILL” to notice what he does for us. I believe he wants you to NOTICE!! MAY HE CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU!!

  6. Atozmom, I thank God for you each week. I so look forward to reading your blog; It inspires me. I refuse to do my lesson without reading your blog. From it I’ve gain a deeper understanding of the lessons. Before my lessons I pray for you; which many are thankful for what you’re doing. You are such a blessing to me and as you can see many others. Please don’t be confuse about your calling. Many are called; few are chosen. Yes you are chosen; regardless of what it looks like to you. Continue to trust God. Great will be your reward. You are doing a great service for the kingdom of God. Stop beating on yourself Woman of God. You are so blessed. Keep up the good work.

  7. I see it differently… Joseph went from a favored son in a prominent household to a slave. He had to first learn how to follow and trust God. Then he had to learn how to serve others. I think he also had to realign his goals with serving others, instead of becoming a leader as a goal… the leadership thing just happened in God’s time. I think if you take this perspective it might help you with your feelings of disappointment.

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