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BSF Study Questions Genesis: Lesson 27, Day 3: Genesis 45:16-28

Summary of Genesis 45:16-28:

Pharaoh was very happy that Joseph’s brothers had come. He gave Joseph’s family the best of the land in Egypt. He gave them carts to travel in. Joseph gave his brothers the carts and provisions for their journey to retrieve their father and families. He gave them new clothes, but he gave Benjamin 300 shekels of silver and five sets of clothes. He sent 10 donkeys loaded with the best of Egyptian goods as well as 10 donkeys with provisions. He told his brothers to not quarrel along the way.

The brothers told Jacob that Joseph was alive and the ruler in Egypt. He did not believe them at first (understandable, since they have lied before), but after seeing all of the goods and hearing the tale, Jacob was convinced, and will go to Egypt.

BSF Study Questions Genesis: Lesson 27, Day 3: Genesis 45:16-28

6) Pharaoh first welcomed foreigners into the land. He gave them the best land in Egypt with which to prosper. He gave them provisions for the journey and carts to ride in. He said the best of all Egypt will be theirs. Sometimes it pays to have connections.

7) Stunned. He was skeptical, but when he saw all of the goods and heard the tale, he was convinced.

8a) Times when we’ve moved.

b) Trust that God put us here for a reason and that everything will work out as planned.

Conclusions BSF Study Questions Genesis: Lesson 27, Day 3: Genesis 45:16-28

This shows just how valued Joseph was. Otherwise, I don’t see Pharaoh doing this for anyone else, especially non-Egyptians

End Notes BSF Study Questions Genesis: Lesson 27, Day 3: Genesis 45:16-28

We can think of carts as limos in today’s world. Jacob’s travels would be in luxury and a place of prominence to Egypt. Joseph warned his brothers not to quarrel since, as siblings, they may be tempted to.

Jacob is over-the-moon happy when he finally believes his favorite son is alive. Jacob goes from wallowing in self-pity Genesis 42:36) to a man of faith.

BSF Study Questions Genesis Lesson 27, Day 3: Genesis 39

Summary of passage:  Joseph was taken to Egypt and purchased by Potiphar, the captain of Pharaoh’s guard.  Because the Lord was with Joseph, he became Potiphar’s attendant and then put in charge of his household and everything in it.  Because of Joseph’s presence, the Lord blessed Potiphar and everything in his house and in his fields.

Potiphar’s wife tried to get Joseph to sleep with her but Joseph refused, saying he is to care for everything that is his master’s and he cannot sin against God committing adultery.  She tried daily and he avoided her.

One day Joseph was alone with Potiphar’s wife and she grabbed him by his cloak.  He slipped out of his cloak and ran outside.  She told her servants that he had come to her to try to sleep with her and had left his cloak behind.  She told Potiphar who put Joseph in prison.

Still, the Lord was with Joseph so Joseph was put in charge of all the prisoners and all the happenings there and had success in whatever he did.


6a)  He refused, telling her it would be a sin against God and a wicked thing to betray his master’s trust. He avoided her the best he could.

b)  Personal Question.  My answer:  Same.  Try to avoid whatever is causing the sin.  Pray to God for strength to overcome.

7a)  He gained experience running a household that I imagined was quite large.  He had to delegate tasks.  He had to learn about both the farming and the domestic aspects.  He then ran a prison, which probably entailed much of the same tasks but some new ones.  All throughout God was building Joseph’s trust in Him, which is the most important skill Joseph would need to lead others.

b)  Personal Question.  My answer:  I don’t know.  Honestly.  Not sure where I’m supposed to be.

Conclusions:  Yesterday I was mixed.  Today I’m just disappointed.  There was a lot of history in this chapter that was just glossed over.  I would have liked to have seen more emphasis on how these events could only have happened because of God.  A Hebrew (foreign) slave running a household?  Never.  Running a prison?  Doubtful.

BSF usually sends us to other places in the Bible when we discuss a topic such as temptation.  This lesson they did not.  I would have liked to have read more on that.

Not all of us are called to be leaders.  We just can’t be.  Then we’d all be butting heads for decision making.  I’m just not for sure I’m being trained for leadership for God and how (or if) my present circumstances are contributing to that.