BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 5, Day 5: Matthew 5:13-16


Jesus calls believers the salt of the earth, but we must maintain our salt or we will be lost.

Jesus calls believers the light of the world, and like a city on the hill, your light cannot be hidden. Let your light shine as a testament to God so that others may come to know him.

BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 5, Day 5: Matthew 5:13-16

15a) Salt in the ancient world was mainly used for preserving food since refrigeration did not exist, and it was used to make food taste good. Salt is a necessity to the human body and its functions. It is essential for nerves and muscle function, as well as the regulation of fluids within our bodies. You will see animals lick salt because they need it, too. Salt also heals wounds. Its chemical composition, sodium chloride, forces liquid (and the bacteria in the liquid) out of the body, speeding healing. It has many uses outside of this. Great salt history HERE and HERE

b) There are many thoughts from Bible scholars about being the salt of the earth. Some think we are to preserve the world from evil, to enhance the flavor of the world, or to stop the decay in the world — to stop sin’s power to destroy our lives. Great reads HERE and HERE

16a) At its core, light illuminates. We cannot see anything without light. It opens our minds to what is there.

b) Christians are to illuminate or make visible Christ. Our good works are to shine for all to see. We are to be the light, the TRUTH, in a dark world. In Philippians 2:15, the apostle Paul says, “Believers, you are to shine as light in the world.” To be a beacon to bring others to the light.

17) We cannot bring God’s word to others and banish evil without living out God’s word. Our lives bring others to Christ, not our words. By being humble and showing mercy, as well as seeking God to be better every day, we will bring others to Christ.

Conclusions BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 5, Day 5: Matthew 5:13-16

I love this! I love the analogies, and I love the history! The best thing you and I can do for others is to be Christ-like. We flavor the earth with our actions and our words, we heal the earth, and we shine God’s truth everywhere we go.

Here’s a cool salt and light bible devotional I found!

End Notes BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 5, Day 5: Matthew 5:13-16

Salt is precious, it preserves, and it adds flavor to the world. Christians do the same. Do not lose your saltiness, or you become useless to others. Salt also heals. Your actions and words can heal a broken soul.

Jesus is the ultimate light of the world (John 8:12 and John 9:5). We are now responsible for preventing decay and shining biblical truth in the world. This also means we are to get out in the world in order to shine.

Our light should be visible to others, like a city in the distance. We are to shine brightly for Jesus. The lampstand is intentionally placed there, as should our light be intentionally shined. Our good works will shine bright and bring others to Jesus. Let others see God in you.

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