2 thoughts on “Exploring God’s Character: People of the Promise: Kingdom Divided: Day Five

  1. As one who has spent so much time in the political/social decline world, it is difficult to “Let go and Let God”. More and more, I recognize the incredible things that God did when Israel and/or Judah absolutely could not.

    However, balancing the “taking it to the Lord in prayer “sometimes becomes a withdrawing from speaking out against the obvious evil of our times or standing up for our liberties as we are blessed to be able to do. We were encouraged not to get into politics or denominational discussions in BSF but in this day and age,, where exactly are we to discuss the ever-increasing decline of our country?

    Just flipping through your discussions because right now, I’m overwhelmed by the amount of reading in Lesson 10 and the shortened time to cover it with Thanksgiving speeding up this particular session so excuse my whining.

    I know God CAN and WILL in His time and in His manner . I also know that the US more closely resembles the northern Kingdom of Israel after the division. But I also know that we have been given a government that is supposed to be ruled by the Constitution and not by tyrants and bureaucratic draconians. When the elected refuse to obey the oaths they took to the Constitution, the godly and the free should absolutely not be supporting evil. I find it difficult to note that most pulpits refuse to point out the open wickedness and instead bow to tyrants who encourage a new form of racism and a rewrite of history and biblical foundations.

    It’s a scary time. Lord, help us.

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