Summer Bible Study: WordGo’s Study of Ruth: Week 1, Day 1: Ruth 1


In the time of the Judges in Israel, there was a famine that forced Elimelech and his wife Naomi and two sons to live in Moab. Elimelech died, and about 10 years later, the two sons died. Both of the sons had wives of Moabite descent. Naomi heard that Judah now was bountiful, so she set out with her two daughters-in-law there.

She told her daughters-in-law to return home to their home of Moab to find husbands again. They refused, but Naomi said there was no hope for them of her having any more sons to marry. Orpah returned, but Ruth stayed.

Ruth famously says, “Wheere you go, I will go, and where you stay, I will stay.” Both women travel to Bethlehem. Naomi renames herself Mara, meaning bitter cause she has returned empty-handed, believing the Lord has afflicted her. They arrive in Bethlehem as the fall barley harvest begins.


1 ) Judah is once again plentiful for Naomi to return to her homeland. She doesn’t go home alone; Ruth accompanies her.

2 ) In my work, my life, where I may move to, my kids’ lives, and my husband’s business. I think about God everywhere in my life.


I am looking forward to this study because it’s the ultimate example of how God has got your life no matter the depths of where you have fallen.

Fun Fact: this is the only book of the Old Testament named after a foreigner or one not of Jewish descent.

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