Summer Bible Study: WordGo’s Study of Ruth: Week 3, Day 5: Ruth 3:14-18


Ruth left early so no one would know she was at the threshing floor. He gave her barley to take home. Ruth told Naomi all that happened and now they wait for Boaz’s word.


12 ) Boaz sends Ruth away before daylight so that no one would know that she spent the night at the threshing floor and thereby have her purity questioned. He filled Ruth’s shaw with six measures of barley before she left to take back to Naomi. He would get an answer immediately.

13 ) Naomi’s response of, “Wait, my daughter, until you find out what happens” shows her faith that everything will work out in God’s plan, not hers. God determines what path we take no matter what plans we put forth.

14 ) There’s lots of areas where I have to wait. For instance, my job is cutting my pay and my position so I’m waiting to see by how much before I make a career move. It’s always hard to wait on things because we want things now. God always has a plan, and we want to skip it most of the time.


Great example for us on the importance and power of waiting. Things will work themselves out, and we will have answers in time. It’s just a matter of waiting and having patience in the waiting. I usually distract myself during this time by keeping busy. Still, patience is not a strong point of many of us, but practice does make perfect! Contact me with questions!

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