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BSF Kingdom Divided Printed Materials Available NOW!

Hey all!

BSF Kingdom Divided printed materials are now available for order!

Get them here: HERE

I bought these for the first time last year and absolutely loved them! It’s so nice to have them in order, in one place, and ready to go. You never have to worry about going online to your account or missing a week and obtaining the notes.

Admittedly, they aren’t the cheapest. I just ordered my copy and the total came to $30.55 with shipping, which is pricey for a book. However, you will love it. It makes working ahead easy (which I do), and when you travel, this is nice to have for the plane, train, or automobile!

Learn more about BSF’s upcoming 2022/2023 Bible study, Kingdom Divided, HERE

And, follow along with me this upcoming season as we we explore together for the first time this new BSF study.

Find a group either online or in-person HERE

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Next Year’s BSF Study: People of the Promise: Kingdom Divided

Hey all!

Next year will be the first year Bible Study Fellowship will explore many of the Old Testament books not in their other studies. We’ll study from the death of Solomon through the exile of God’s people to Babylon.

So excited for that study, and stay tuned for more!

Here’s BSF’s promo video if you are interested. Click HERE

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