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BSF Study Questions John’s Gospel: The Truth Lesson 8, Day 4: John 6:10-15


Jesus had the people sit down. There was about five thousand men in total. Jesus then took the loaves, gave thanks, and distributed to those who were seated as much as they wanted. He did the same with the fish. Once everyone had eaten their fill, the disciples gathered the leftovers, so there would be no waste. They filled twelve baskets.

The people intended to make Jesus, the Prophet, king, so he retreated again.

BSF Study Questions John’s Gospel: The Truth Lesson 8, Day 4: John 6:10-15

9a) Jesus gave specific instructions to the disciples, which they followed. It’s good to follow exactly what Jesus says to do.

b) He prayed and gave thanks. This should always be the first thing we do with anything in life, from getting out of bed to major and minor life decisions.

10) Jesus makes a bunch of food from nothing. Jesus can make our nothings into something, too. I can have faith in what He will do in my life and for me even when I can’t see it. I pray a lot, but I can remember to pray for everything all the time.

11a) He always gives us everything we need in abundance, including what we need for spiritual health and wellness. By oversupplying the people’s physical needs, he points to how he can meet our spiritual, too.

b) By speaking about Jesus to others; by giving Jesus all the credit for the goodness in my life; by having faith in all that he is and all that he does.

12a) They wanted to make him king to rule over them and be their leader, as well as defeat their enemies. Jesus’ kingdom was spiritual, not physical and of man.

b) When I want something and he doesn’t. When I want the easy way and not the hard way.

Conclusions BSF Study Questions John’s Gospel: The Truth Lesson 8, Day 4: John 6:10-15

Love this miracle! It epitomizes who Jesus is: his caring, compassion, and provision for all of us.

End Notes BSF Study Questions John’s Gospel: The Truth Lesson 8, Day 4: John 6:10-15

Sitting down is like lying down in green pastures.  Psalm 23:1-2 Jesus is the host here. He is in no hurry. He is our shepherd and provider of everything we need.

We not told how the division of the food happened, and the people weren’t even aware of it at the time. Jesus simply distributed food that was never ending — like his love for us.

Everyone ate their fill. They were satisfied, and the leftovers were more than what the boy had brought. Remember, that eating and drinking in the Old Testament was a great event and signified prosperity and happiness.

The disciples participated by distributing the food.

Jesus likes to give in abundance. He more than meets our needs.

Calling Jesus “The Prophet” is a reference to Moses’ prediction of the coming Prophet/Jesus. (Deuteronomy 18:15)

Jesus also provided the people with food like Moses did in the wilderness with manna.

The people wanted to use Jesus to throw off the Roman powers. They were only interested in what Jesus could do for them. Jesus, of course, wanted nothing to do with this, so he retreated to be with His Father.

Jesus is our King, just not in the way we think of a king.

How often do we think the same way?

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