What is this thing that we call sin
The word alone, it makes me cringe
To hurt the one that died for me
It was my sin there on that tree

Your Word says we all have sinned
Without the cross I’d be condemned
It was the cross that set me free
The blood that You shed on that tree

It was the love You had for me
A love that I can feel today
A comforter always with me
It guides and teaches me the way

Sin now, where is your victory?
Sin now, where is your sting?
Your death turned into liberty
Rejoicing, I will sing

Jesus, My Lord and Savior
How can I show my gratitude?

Lissette Trahan

The sins that I regret the most are the ones I
committed after knowing Jesus, after feeling
His love. I know that I am forgiven but I
remember being shocked and heart broken.
I hated my sin and my weakness.

I was born again, but it didn’t eliminate that
sin nature that I am born with. That sin nature
will be a part of me while I am in this body.
Through Adam I inherited that sin nature. I
was born guilty with no hope.

But God loved me so much
He did something incredible.

He sent His son, Jesus, who led a sinless life.
It was His innocent blood that saved me.
His sacrifice gave me the greatest gift of all,
the Holy Spirit, the Comforter. It guides me,
it convicts me, it teaches me the way.

Before I knew Jesus I sinned.
After I knew Jesus I sinned.
The difference is that I hate to sin.
I ask forgiveness, sin has no hold on me.

No more a slave to sin
I am free

John 3:16
For God so loved the world the world that He
gave His one and only son, that whoever
believes in Him should not perish but have
eternal life.



My life is full of blessings
My deepest gratitude
It fills my heart, I want to sing
Praising my love for You

Perfect gifts come from above
You bless me everyday
I feel the presence of Your love
You’re never far away

My soul is ever thanking you
I want to show You day by day
Loving others the way You do
I know that is the way

There is so much to thank You for
Your Mercy, Love and Grace
The Comforter You gave me Lord
A gift that I embrace

My heart is full of thanksgiving
You gave Your life for me
Loving and so willingly
My life you Guaranteed

To live with You eternally
I rejoice

God is Good!

Lissette Trahan

We Perish Lord


I looked around the world today
Chaos, Confusion, Disarray
The pain and sorrow, hurt and care
Lord, “What is happening out there?”

What’s happened to the unity
That stood for home and family
Where did the love and honor go
A child to parents used to show?

Abortion, Drugs, Adultery
Are words this generation knows
Corruption’s all that I can see
Lord, “Are you really in control?”

The Faith and Hope and Charity
This nation had and used to share
Where has it gone, it used to be?
We perish Lord, Why don’t You care?

This world You died and suffered for
Does it not need you anymore?
I fear that it’s so blind to see
Are we repeating history?

Son of David, have mercy on me
Incline Your ear, please hear my plea
I know nothing’s too hard for you
For they don’t know Lord what they do

Pour forth Your spirit – awake the dead
Those stony hearts will turn instead
Your grace and love will mightily
Do miracles Lord, as you did for me.


Lissette Trahan