Wisdom is more valuable than gold or silver
It promises long life, honor, and riches
“Nothing you desire can compare with her”
Her ways are pleasant, Her ways are precious

What are the greatest riches in life?
Understanding value, understanding truth
Peace-loving, purifying, and avoiding strife
That is the path that I want to choose

The Bible tells the story of Solomon
He was given a choice, he just had to ask
Solomon knew what mattered was wisdom
How did he know what he had to ask?

Wisdom will show me what really matters
My life without her would have no vision
So many choices, I need some answers
Help me. O Lord, my life needs wisdom

I need to reflect, what do I treasure
The Kingdom of heaven, or this world full of pleasure?


Lissette Trahan


The fear of the Lord is the beginning of
wisdom. True wisdom is found in
obedience to God.

Wisdom means having the knowledge
and understanding to recognize the right
course of action and having the will and
courage to follow it.

Wisdom is a gift from God. God says that
if we lack wisdom we should ask Him.

Why do I need wisdom?
To use my knowledge, to glorify Him.

In this journey I have found that
Wisdom is the application of knowledge.
Knowledge is getting to know God.

I have found in my life that I had to read
the Bible, experience Him, then came faith,
then wisdom.

If I take the first step and seek Him, that
to me is the real beginning of wisdom.
Knowing God is what really
matters—that is wisdom.

Wherever your treasure is will decide whether
you have wisdom.

Proverbs 3:13-15
Blessed is the one who finds wisdom, and one
who get understanding for the gain, from her is
better than gain from silver and her profit better
than gold. She is more precious than jewels,
and nothing you can desire can compare with her.



Love, an emotion that cannot be explained
It can bring such joy, sometimes such pain
Love can bring comfort to a heart that is broken
It can give hope without a word spoken

I had heard about God’s love for us
I couldn’t understand, why all the fuss
Then came one day, I was without hope
Are you really there Lord? I cannot cope

I then experienced what God’s love is like

There are no words that can explain,
His love made me His, I knew I was chosen
Bathed in God’s love, it felt like an ocean

I was not seeking, I did not believe
I had not confessed or made a commitment
He came to me while I was in grief
Thank you Lord for being persistent

He knew–that I didn’t care
He stayed by me, why was He there?
Knocking and waiting patiently
Waiting to pour His love on me

His Mercy and Grace a mystery
Because of Him I have victory
Now I understand why all the fuss

Nothing compares to God’s love for us.


Lissette Trahan


God is love.
He left us a love letter.
The Bible gives me love and joy and peace.
I want and need to be loved.

That is how God made me, how He made you.
Just like His Word says that He gives us
a peace that passeth understanding, he also
loves us with a love that I will never

When I first became a Christian I felt I had
to do something to show Him that I loved Him.
I had to learn that His love for me is not based
on performance.

One day reading the Bible I read
1 John 4:10
“This is love: not that we loved God,
but that He loved us and sent His Son
as an atoning sacrifice for our sins”.

All God wants is for me to understand His great
love for me. He wants to have a relationship
with me. I don’t have to do a thing for Him to
love me more.

Nothing can separate me from God’s love.
That is what unconditional love is.
I am loved.

Psalm 36:5-6
Your love, Lord, reaches to the heavens,
your faithfulness to the skies.
Your righteousness is like the highest
your justice like the great deep.



What is this thing that we call sin
The word alone, it makes me cringe
To hurt the one that died for me
It was my sin there on that tree

Your Word says we all have sinned
Without the cross I’d be condemned
It was the cross that set me free
The blood that You shed on that tree

It was the love You had for me
A love that I can feel today
A comforter always with me
It guides and teaches me the way

Sin now, where is your victory?
Sin now, where is your sting?
Your death turned into liberty
Rejoicing, I will sing

Jesus, My Lord and Savior
How can I show my gratitude?

Lissette Trahan

The sins that I regret the most are the ones I
committed after knowing Jesus, after feeling
His love. I know that I am forgiven but I
remember being shocked and heart broken.
I hated my sin and my weakness.

I was born again, but it didn’t eliminate that
sin nature that I am born with. That sin nature
will be a part of me while I am in this body.
Through Adam I inherited that sin nature. I
was born guilty with no hope.

But God loved me so much
He did something incredible.

He sent His son, Jesus, who led a sinless life.
It was His innocent blood that saved me.
His sacrifice gave me the greatest gift of all,
the Holy Spirit, the Comforter. It guides me,
it convicts me, it teaches me the way.

Before I knew Jesus I sinned.
After I knew Jesus I sinned.
The difference is that I hate to sin.
I ask forgiveness, sin has no hold on me.

No more a slave to sin
I am free

John 3:16
For God so loved the world the world that He
gave His one and only son, that whoever
believes in Him should not perish but have
eternal life.



Have you ever thought of Mary
What she was told that day
It must have been so scary
To have been told that way

You are to be a Mother, Gabriel announced to her
How? I am still a virgin, was how Mary replied
The Holy Ghost shall come on thee, is what it says she heard
She must have been in wonder, completely mystified

Then comes more bewilderment, Gabriel was not yet through
You will bring forth a son, He’ll be the Son of God
What trust God had in Mary, He knew what she would do
Behold the maiden of the Lord, she said without a doubt

Mary, already had a spouse, what was to be her fate
In those days it was a crime, she could be stoned to death
When God plans your life you know He’ll keep you safe
Mary could have said no, but willingly said yes

Mary said yes to a future, not knowing what it would be
I want to follow that example, and let God work through me


Lissette Trahan



When I surrendered my life to You
Little did I know what it would do
How much joy that it would bring
When You erased all of my sin

A joy that nothing can take away
Powerless to touch, it’s there to stay
Nor grief, nor pain, nor sorrow , nor loss,
That is the victory of the cross

I still have days when things are shattered
Days I have tears and nothing matters
But even then I know He is there
Loving and caring, I don’t despair

Human relations come to an end
Even the ones we call best friend

There is one friend nothing destroys
He is the reason for my joy
I can’t imagine life without Him
He is with me through thick and thin

On Jesus, my Savior, I can depend
My friend until the end

Lissette Trahan

Where Have You Been?


Early do I seek Him
With a cry deep from within
My prayer was just to know Him
Why do I search again?

My bibles, books, and tapes
I frantically search through
One glimpse, one sign this day, O Lord
That’s all I ask of you

You said I’d never thirst again
Why then my panting heart
One look was all you gave me then
Now how to live apart

With tears of desperation
I dropped down to my knees
My God have You forgotten
Your promises to me?

And then ever so gently
I heard deep from within
Your prayer was just to know me
Why do you search again?

The day you opened up the door
And asked me to come in
I have been waiting here for you
My child “Where have you been”?


Lissette Trahan

What Really Matters


I’ve reached another crossroad
In my life today
Two paths I have before me
Confusion either way

Changes that make me tremble
Choices so hard to make
My circumstances tell me
My whole life is at stake

Just when I started feeling
That my life was orderly
You turned it upside down again
O Lord, Why should it be?

All that I see before me
Is a life so far away
From everything that matters
O Lord, I want to stay

And as I turn to go my way
I glimpse so fearfully
At that rough and jagged path
That was not meant for me

Amongst the thorns and briers
And many deep val–leys
I see someone so very dear
That says “Come Follow Me”

Now all I see before me
Is a life so far away
With everything that matters
Yes Lord, I’ll go your way.


Lissette Trahan