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Summer Bible Study: WordGo’s Study of Hebrews: Week 2, Day 3: Hebrews 6:4-20


It is impossible for Christians to fall away from the faith. Those who aren’t Christians obviously can. Land that drinks in God’s word will be blessed. Land that does not will be cursed. God is just; he doesn’t forget your work and love. Do not become lazy, but imitate those who thorugh faith and patience have inherited God’s promises.

God swore by himself (being the greatest) when he promised to bless Abraham and have him and his descendants inherit the earth. God used an oath to make his promises clear and to encourage us with hope. Jesus has become a high priest in the order of Melchizedek.


7) Some think that Christians can fall away from the faith. Others think that these people were never Christians in the first place. The writer is describing what could happen if you fell away.

8 ) Encouragement is found in God who has not forgotten our work and love we’ve shown him. God remembers us and sees us no matter what we are going through in life.

9) God is good. God loves me. I am saved. I cling to Him when I need to.


I’ve studied this passage before, but I always get something new out of it. I love that God stands firm and all we have to do is cling to him and he does the rest.