What Really Matters


I’ve reached another crossroad
In my life today
Two paths I have before me
Confusion either way

Changes that make me tremble
Choices so hard to make
My circumstances tell me
My whole life is at stake

Just when I started feeling
That my life was orderly
You turned it upside down again
O Lord, Why should it be?

All that I see before me
Is a life so far away
From everything that matters
O Lord, I want to stay

And as I turn to go my way
I glimpse so fearfully
At that rough and jagged path
That was not meant for me

Amongst the thorns and briers
And many deep val–leys
I see someone so very dear
That says “Come Follow Me”

Now all I see before me
Is a life so far away
With everything that matters
Yes Lord, I’ll go your way.


Lissette Trahan

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