God is Good


“God is Good”
Miracles are everywhere
Cannot be misunderstood
I just have to be aware

There is the miracle of birth
Every time a child is born
I am amazed as I observe
How perfectly it’s formed

What is this feeling called “love”
That is something I didn’t learn
A bit of God placed in me
Another miracle confirmed

Each morning as I awake
I see the sun, what did it take
Another miracle I see
Once more aware that it is He

When I look up at the stars
I see the master of the universe
I feel a burst right in my heart
Another miracle occurs

Hundreds of books that it would take
Of why I say that “God Is Good”
You never cease to amaze
I worship and I praise

Lissette Trahan


Life can be hard, but God Is Good.
I have experienced God’s goodness in my
life when I was going through the worst
kind of grief.

I doubted His goodness.

Then came His compassion, so great a love
that my tears turned to joy.

Whatever He does has a purpose. No matter
what I am going through I trust Him. His
mercy will follow.

He is my creator, He loves me, every breath
I take is given to me by Him.

God does not change.
God is good.

Hebrews 13:8
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today
and forever

Romans 8:28
And we know that in all things God
works for the good of those who love
him, who have been called according
to his purpose



Knock and I will answer
Seek and you will find
Why does it seem harder
To talk to you sometimes

Then I stop to examine
What have I done today
Have I committed any sin
Getting in the way

The only time I find it hard
Is when I move away
Make sure I stay on guard
Please help me Lord to stay

I know words do not matter
You see right through my heart
You know what I am about to say
Even before I start

I thank You God for listening
Praying day or night


Lissette Trahan


For me prayer is talking and listening to God.
It is a response to God inviting me to spend time with Him.
He wants to have a relationship and prayer
helps develop my relationship with Him.

What I yearn and long for in this life is having
that relationship with Him.
I can go to Him with problems, with confessions,
with my gratitude. He will never tire
of hearing from me,
He loves me and knows me by name.

Praying isn’t always easy. When I have sinned
and not confessed it seems like my prayers are futile.
But it isn’t that God is not there, not listening.

In the Bible it says
“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart”

I was seeking when I felt His presence.
Seeking is a way of praying.
God knows what I need or what I am going to say.

I wasn’t eloquent, I just cried out wanting to know Him.

Psalm 18:6
In my distress I called to the Lord;
I cried to my God for help.
From his temple he heard my voice;
my cry came before him, into his ears

Christmas Poem




When Jesus was born in Bethlehem
Very few knew what it meant
Today I know more than they did then,
History’s greatest event

It is still hard for me to grasp
How deep a love He had to have
To leave the life He had with God
Knowing the plan–what it would cost

He knew we would not survive
Unless He came and paid the price
It had to be a sinless life
The lamb of God, the sacrifice

At Christmastime as we reflect
What God did when He sent His son
How could I possibly neglect
To love
To praise
That Christmas, Christ agreed to come

He left us the great gift of love


Lissette Trahan



The more I read the bible
More clearly I can see
The miracle of Prophecy
That leads me straight to Thee

So many years neglected
At first I could not see
How it was all connected
The Old, the New
And what’s to be

In searching the Old Testament
I see the New fulfilled
His Word is all one statement
How great is Prophecy

It shows me that His Word
From Genesis to end
All points to my Redeemer
How can I make amends

How did I miss the miracle
Your Word was there to see
A beautiful love letter
Made specially for me.


Lissette Trahan



When I surrendered my life to You
Little did I know what it would do
How much joy that it would bring
When You erased all of my sin

A joy that nothing can take away
Powerless to touch, it’s there to stay
Nor grief, nor pain, nor sorrow , nor loss,
That is the victory of the cross

I still have days when things are shattered
Days I have tears and nothing matters
But even then I know He is there
Loving and caring, I don’t despair

Human relations come to an end
Even the ones we call best friend

There is one friend nothing destroys
He is the reason for my joy
I can’t imagine life without Him
He is with me through thick and thin

On Jesus, my Savior, I can depend
My friend until the end

Lissette Trahan

Where Have You Been?


Early do I seek Him
With a cry deep from within
My prayer was just to know Him
Why do I search again?

My bibles, books, and tapes
I frantically search through
One glimpse, one sign this day, O Lord
That’s all I ask of you

You said I’d never thirst again
Why then my panting heart
One look was all you gave me then
Now how to live apart

With tears of desperation
I dropped down to my knees
My God have You forgotten
Your promises to me?

And then ever so gently
I heard deep from within
Your prayer was just to know me
Why do you search again?

The day you opened up the door
And asked me to come in
I have been waiting here for you
My child “Where have you been”?


Lissette Trahan

What Really Matters


I’ve reached another crossroad
In my life today
Two paths I have before me
Confusion either way

Changes that make me tremble
Choices so hard to make
My circumstances tell me
My whole life is at stake

Just when I started feeling
That my life was orderly
You turned it upside down again
O Lord, Why should it be?

All that I see before me
Is a life so far away
From everything that matters
O Lord, I want to stay

And as I turn to go my way
I glimpse so fearfully
At that rough and jagged path
That was not meant for me

Amongst the thorns and briers
And many deep val–leys
I see someone so very dear
That says “Come Follow Me”

Now all I see before me
Is a life so far away
With everything that matters
Yes Lord, I’ll go your way.


Lissette Trahan

What Is With Thee


As I awake each morning
My thoughts reach out to you
A joy within me singing
Jesus, I love you  too

With anxious heart I hurry
There is so much to do
A dying world you’ve shown me
I’ll save it Lord for you

I charge with holy fury
Heathens scatter — it is she
With shield and armor ready
Lord aren’t you proud of me?

A more true and faithful worker
You’ll never find than me
But I haven’t felt your presence
Lord, I’m feeling so wea—ry

His words pierce through my spirit
He asks “What is with thee?”
I waited at my table
But you just rushed past me

I have so much to tell you
Plans for your good on-ly
You never stop to listen
Why won’t you talk to me?

Today I’m not so weary
And some will even say
She’s never in a hurry
You see, I’ve learned to pray.


Lissette Trahan