baby geese bsf (bible study fellowship)

Don’t Quit BSF

Hey all!

Right about now is the time many people leave BSF (Bible Study Fellowship).

This is for many reasons:

  • Life gets busy
  • You lack time
  • You are being taken out of your comfort zone by God
  • Doing your BSF lessons is daunting
  • The Bible passages are too long
  • You are struggling and bitter against God
  • The weather is cold
  • It’s just “one more thing to do”
  • And dozens of other reasons

I’m here to tell you that I’m feeling this way, too. Thirty weeks of Bible Study is hard, rough, challenging, and tiring. You are growing with God, but you often don’t feel like you are. And, in the midst of life’s struggles, sometimes we don’t want to hear from God (when that’s exactly the time we need to hear from Him).

But, despite all of this, hang in there. You’ll get over the hump, and you’ll be glad you stuck with it.

Go to class without your lesson completed. Soak up the lecture. Or, do your lesson and skip class and the lecture for a week if getting out is too hard.

Whatever you do, just keep at it. God will reward your work!

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