BSF Scriptures Now Online!

Hey all,

I received an email from a BSF discussion leader who posts the Scriptures on his site that correspond to the lessons in both English and Spanish using Bible Gateway which uses the NIV version.

Just another tool in order to facilitate your lessons!  Great if you forgot your Bible or are in a rush!

Check it out and thanks for doing this!  I’m sure you are helping many!

16 thoughts on “BSF Scriptures Now Online!

  1. I love this! I have done it for myself in the past, and it is a bit time consuming. Thanks to whoever is pulling this together and to Atozmom for sharing the link.

  2. Thanks for the information. It will be great when the notes can be read on-line. As a graduate I am not allowed in class yet and do not have access to the notes. I understand there are some changes. If you know a way I can read them it would be appreciated. Blessings.

  3. Thanks to whomever is doing this. Just another interesting way to study the
    Scriptures. I do not have the Common English Bible translation so I am going
    to enjoy. This is my third time for Genesis and I am learning something new each week.
    I only had to wait one week to get called to class.
    God bless all,

  4. What a great thing you have done for all of us. I look mine up “the old fashion way” – ugh! Thank you – soooooooooooo much. janette moore


  5. I do this with every lesson. Also, there is a parallel reference point that you can click on and this will bring up any side-by-side reference you wish. The list is long and you can do as many as you can fit on a page. I use the NIrV as one reference every time. You will find this to be very interesting and also very helpful. Many Blessings.

  6. Sometimes reading this blog helps me to understand when I’m stuck. God Bless you. I have been chastised by the girl whom invited me to classes for doing it all in 2 days instead of every day. Yet I was growing and spending time with the Lord where I had not before so it was hurtful to hear I was spending my time with God wrong. Some weeks I do it right and some not so much. Thank you for telling me there is no wrong way.

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