BSF Study Questions Genesis: Lesson 30

BSF Study Questions Lesson 30: Book of Genesis

Well, we made it. I usually just do one post for Lesson 30 since they are all personal questions. Plus, since I just lost my cat, I’m having a really hard time doing anything right now.

Day 1:

For me, I was impacted by how God can do anything he wants, from choosing who he wants to his punishments and consequences of sin. Unsure of his will for me. I just keep plugging along, hoping it is God’s will.

Day 2:

I always have loved Joseph. He faced so many challenges and struggles in his life, yet God had a plan to save the world (and us) through him. It’s one of the most hopeful stories in the Bible. If you can believe that God has a plan for your life and everything works together for your good, then life will be infintely easier.

Day 3:

I hate these questions. I don’t know. I always hope I’m a better person, but it’s truly hard to see that in my life.

Day 4:

Same as Day 3. I’m truly uncertain.

Day 5:

Keep on shining God’s light as best as I can as a flawed human. That’s all I can do.

Day 6:

Trust God.

Dogs and Cats
They DO Love Each Other!

4 thoughts on “BSF Study Questions Genesis: Lesson 30

  1. I am so sorry you lost your kitty ;*( I still miss my Ursula and she’s been gone for years. We’ll see them in Heaven, I believe.
    It’s interesting….I had a really hard time with the last few lessons, too. I’ve been going thru a fog of depression and not seeing/feeling God, so I didn’t like hearing about all the suffering either or about how perfect God’s timing is. Just kinda irked me…I’ve about had all the suffering I can stand. Being totally honest here. But, like you, I just keep pressing on. I guess this is one of those “faith-building” times that hurt like hell.
    I’m not up to Lesson 30 yet (25 or -6 right now). I’ll prolly hate the questions, too ;). Oh, well.
    I hope He will comfort you. Bless you.

    1. Thank you for your condolences, Mary. The last few lessons of BSF are really hard for me every year. There’s only so much self-reflection I can take before I need a break. Yeah, the key is to just doing what you’re doing till the fog rises. Thanks again!

  2. My heart goes out to you because I know what it’s like to lose a special pet. My husband and I had two sweet beagles and a guinea pig, we loved them like we love our human family. God gave us these special fur babies and we were their stewards. I pray that you will heal and know that your special cat was loved and blessed to have you.

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