BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 26, Day 2: Matthew 26:1-16


Jesus tells his disciples he will be handed over to be crucified in two days. The chief priests and the elders assembled at the palace of the high priest named Caiaphas to plot to arrest Jesus and kill him. But they didn’t want to do it during the Feast.

A woman anointed Jesus at Bethany  in the home of Simon the Leper. She poured very expensive perfume on his head. The disciples upbraided the woman, saying they could have sold the perfume for a high price and given the money to the poor. Jesus chastized the disciples, saying he will not always be with them. She is preparing him for burial. She will be remembered for what she has done.

Judas Iscariot went to the chief priests to ask how much they would give him to betray Jesus. They said 30 silver coins. He agreed to do so when the opportunity rose.

BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 26, Day 2: Matthew 26:1-16

3) In many ways. She gave Jesus her most precious possession freely. The woman sacrificed a lot to do so. She did so herself as a woman. She endured scorn by the disciples to do so. It is very inspiring to remember to give Jesus my best, too.

4a) They did not see the heart of the woman; all they saw was monetary value, not eternal value.

b) Jesus saw the woman’s heart, her love, and her intentions. He made sure she would be remembered forever for what she did.

c) Unsure. Sometimes I think nothing at all.

5) 30 silver coins. Exodus 21:32 says that 20 skekles of silver is to paid for the life of a slave who had been killed by another’s bull (or at the fault of another). The bull would be put to death. Zechariah 11:12-13 says the pay of a shepherd was 30 pieces of silver, as well as the pay for the potter. Jesus lowers himself to what a slave is worth. Zechariah the prophet foretold this moment, so 30 pieces of silver fulfills prophecy.

Conclusions BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 26, Day 2: Matthew 26:1-16

Great, great lesson. Love how we see the love for Jesus with the most precious possession, adjacent to the intense hatred of him and the wish for his death.

Great read!

End Notes BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 26, Day 2: Matthew 26:1-16

Jesus is done instructing. He now will focus on finishing his work on Earth.

This is the fourth and last time Jesus announces his own death that is recorded in the book of Matthew.

The high priest was appointed for life. Caiapas ruled until his death in A.D. 36

While the high priests did not want to kill Jesus during Passover, God had other plans. God was in control, and He would save humanity on His own time.

The Anointing of Jesus

John (John 12) tells us that this woman was Mary, the sister of Lazarus and Martha. (Luke 10:39),

If you read all of the Bible passages for this event, the majority of Bible scholars believe that Matthew, Mark, and John record this event, while Luke records a separate event.

This is the only time Simon the leper is mentioned in the Bible. Many Bible scholars believe Jesus healed him since a leper was considered unclean and could not host others in their home.

We are told by John that the disciple who criticized was Judas (no shock since he seems to have money on the mind). (John 12:4-6). Mark 14:5 tells us that the perfume was worth a year’s wages.

The woman did a good work for Jesus. She gave her most prized possession, as should we. Jesus was comforted in these heavy hours.

Nothing is wasted for Jesus. Nothing is too good for Jesus.

No doubt the woman probably did not know the significance of her unbridled gift to Jesus. The same holds true for us. The smallest act done in Jesus’s name can make all the difference in others’ lives.

Judas’ Betrayal

Some Bible scholars believe that because Judas’s betrayal is recorded directly after this “waste” that Judas saw, he then made up his mind to betray Jesus.

Judas’ only clear motive in betraying Christ is greed. Bible scholars have debated for centuries what motivated this betrayal, from disillusionment of who Jesus was to he was a Judean. It’s clear that this simple motive was enough.

30 pieces of silver is only worth about $25 in today’s money — not a lot of money to betray someone who you’ve followed for the last two years. This shows Judas never cared for Jesus. He rejected repentance, and he would pay the ultimate price.

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