BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 7, Day 3: Matthew 6:5-13


Pray to God unseen so you are not trying to impress men in order to give the impression you are righteous. Your Father knows what you need before you ask Him. Pray the Lord’s prayer. Forgive those who sin against you, and God will forgive you for your sins.

BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 7, Day 3: Matthew 6:5-13

6) Pray to God not to be seen or to please others, but instead isolate yourself so it’s just you and God alone together. Do not pray just to pray many words. God knows what you need. Honor God, pray for daily needs, forgiveness, and help with sin.

7) God is holy and sacred.

God’s sovereign will be done in my life.

Give us our needs for the day.

Forgive our sins and let us forgive others

Help us to resist the devil and overcome sin.

8 ) It teaches me to honor God and acknowledge all of the good he does in my life and to ask for forgiveness of my sins.

Conclusions BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 7, Day 3: Matthew 6:5-13

I love how Jesus instructs us, and we aren’t left to our own devices. The Lord’s prayer is a great prayer example given to us to follow, so you don’t have to guess. On those days when you don’t know what to pray, this is a wonderful go-to.

End Notes BSF Study Questions Matthew Lesson 7, Day 3: Matthew 6:5-13


You should not pray to be seen. They insult God. Praying on street corners and in public without the right heart is not what Jesus wants.

Instead, pray in your room. This Greek word for “room” was a storeroom where treasures were kept.

Pray with meaning and not with words to impress God. Instead, let your words be few Ecclesiastes 5:2:

God knows our wants and our prayers before we speak them. We pray not to communicate these to Him, but instead to show God our hearts and desires and increase our faith in God.


It’s important to remember that the Lord’s prayer is just a model that shows relationship, reverence, trust, and dependence on God.

  1. Recognize who you are praying to (Our Father in Heaven). Jews of the day rarely used “Father” for God as it was too intimate for them. God is in heaven, holy and glorious. Our Father includes everyone.
  2. God’s name, kingdom, and will above all else.
  3. List your needs — bread, forgiveness, and strength to resist temptation. Debts here refers to our sins. We all face temptation (James 1:13),, but we all have ways out.(1 Corinthians 10:13).
  4. Praise God. Many Bible scholars agree the last line of the Lord’s supper was added later on since most early transcribers omitted it.

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