Is Bible Study Fellowship Free?

I’ve gotten this question, “Is Bible Study Fellowship free?” many times, so I thought I’d set the record straight!

Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) IS FREE!

There is absolutely no cost to this bible study. BSF is a non-profit, operating on donations for the most part and the sale of some items. Those who do attend are encouraged to give, and most BSF locations have a donation basket near where they hand out the questions for giving in person. BSF encourages those who are able to give online, too.

You can donate HERE if interested.

There should never be any restrictions to learning about God. BSF supports this view, too.

2 thoughts on “Is Bible Study Fellowship Free?

  1. Several years ago, the group treasurer gave an update on the account. One of his comments was that it took $2.50+ per man to provide the materials. I began leaving $5 in the plate when picking up the notes at the end of the evening. NOW, as a Zoom participant, I simply set up a $5 weekly donation from Introduction to Sharing. Gosh darn – there are some extra weeks in there without classes. And I do not care!!

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