My Proposal for an Online BSF Study

Hey all!

I came across this blog post of mine from 2011 where I proposed an online BSF study.

I’m so happy that this finally came to fruition with the pandemic. I just thought this was REALLY cool since my proposal is very similar to what BSF came up with.

Happy Throwback Sunday!

6 thoughts on “My Proposal for an Online BSF Study

  1. Great suggestion! I hope they keep this as an option in the future. I live in an area with no nearby class and don’t enjoy driving 45 minutes on a busy freeway. I attended online during 2021-22 and really enjoyed the zoom classes.

  2. You were ahead of the times with your proposal, and a great one at that. I enjoyed our Zoom classes too and it was such a blessing during the Pandemic. As I’m older and not going to be driving in the future, this is the perfect solution for many.

  3. I understand that people would like online study. The fellowship that you have meeting with ladies that all are of the same interest which is the Lord is missing. Covid proved that. I appreciate those that want to attend this way but I feel like they are missing out on one of the key aspects of BSF. God made us for community and to be together not alone. I understand that this may be the only way a person can attend or study but it should be on case by case bases. It shouldn’t be used as a reason not to go out to attend. Just my concern is that it will be used wrong. Thank you for letting me post my thoughts. To be honest I could not have made this year without the fellowship of my ladies. The prayers, the hugs, and the encouragement especially in their faces was just what I needed. Thank you for all you do in your website also. Have a blessed day!!!!

  4. The online BSF is a Blessing for me as I do not drive at night. I really like your input answers on the lesson questions. They are good as we have our classes on Zoom and it is like you are part of our class. Looking forward to next year. Do you know what next year will cover? God Bless !!!

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