Summer Bible Study: Sermon on the Mount: Week 2, Day 5: Matthew 5:38-48


Jesus says that previously an eye for an eye was the rule, meaning if someone did you harm, you do them harm back. However, Jesus says the opposite. If someone does you harm, do not resist them. Give and lend to those who ask.

Jesus says to love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. Love and greet everyone. God handles the evil.

Questions for Matthew 5:38-48

12) Naturally, we want revenge when evil was done to us. It’s hard to pray for others who have harmed you. But, as Christians, we must due to the Christ’s forgiveness of our sins. I’m sure there are many times I took revenge and regretted it. Not so much these days.

13) Jesus is purely holy with a forgiving and merciful heart. We must live up to Jesus’ standards with regards to others in order to shine God’s light wherever we go.

14) We cannot be perfect, but we can walk in the ways of Chrirst and thought his righteousness strive to be more Christ-like. We are set apart, and we can live in the power of Christ with the help of the Holy Spirit. We can work on being holy with each passing day.

Conclusions to Sermon on the Mount Matthew 5:38-48

Love is more powerful than evil. We hold others accountable, but not in excess. We surrender our rights as Jesus did.

We cannot save ourselves. We cannot be perfect. We boast in Jesus. He transforms us to be like him.

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