Summer Bible Study: WordGo’s Study of Ruth: Week 2, Day 3: Ruth 2:1-7


Naomi had a relative on her husband’s side named Boaz. Ruth goes out to the fields to pick up the leftover grain (this was an ancient Israelite law so that the poor and widows would be provided for). She found herself working in Boaz’s fields.

Boaz arrived back from a trip to Bethelehem one day and noticed Ruth in the fields and asked about her. The foreman told him that she was a Moabitess who came back with Naomi and has been working steadily in the fields all day.


6 ) As soon as he arrives from Bethelehm he greets his harvesters before doing anything else. He takes interest in anyone new, such as Ruth, and asks about her. He is concerned about others before himself and asks after others as well. My grandparents were like this.

7 ) God was orchestrating the lives of Boaz and Ruth to intertwine to bring about his divine plan. It so happens Ruth is in Boaz’s field, her kinsman-redeemer and that he takes notice of Ruth.

8 ) There is always something to do. Giving to charities and church is how I like to help. You can volunteer and just look for ways to bless others, too.


Love how God is always in control as we see here. God is so, so good, and we just need to remember that in the midst of our struggles, too.

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