Summer Bible Study: WordGo’s Study of Ruth: Week 2, Day 5: Ruth 2:17-23


Ruth threshed the barley after she had gathered it and brought it back to Naomi, as well as her extra food from dinner.

Naomi asked Ruth where she had worked. She replied in the fields of Boaz. Naomi exclaims he is one of her kinsman-redeemers. Naomi told her to stay with Boaz’s servant girls because she will be safe there. Ruth worked in the fields until the harvest was over, living with her mother-in-law.


12) Naomi still trusts God to provide as she blesses Boaz both before she learns it was his fields Ruth was working and afterwards. She tells Ruth to stay with the girls so that she will be safe, watching out for her safety, too.

13) As Boaz himself tells us, he is helping Ruth because of how she is helping her mother-in-law. He is probably impressed by her work ethic and impressed she came to Bethelehem as a foreigner. He also realizes he is a kinsman-redeemer to her and may be debating marriage. Plus, he may genuinely have feelings for her.

14) They care for one another. They trust God will provide for them. They work hard to survive. I learned this it seems at every turn in my life. God is always there no matter what is happening in my world.


It’s cool to see God’s hand in these women’s lives and know that He has a hand in our lives, too. Neither of these women knew the future, but both had faith and hope that the future would be bright — as is ours, too! Great stuff! Contact me today!

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