Summer Bible Study: WordGo’s Study of Ruth: Week 3, Day 1: Ruth 3


Naomi desires Ruth to be provided for. She tells her to go down to the threshing floor where he will be winnowing barley. Get all clean and washed and put on your best clothes. She tells her to note where he lies down and then uncover his feet when he does and lie down at his feet. Ruth agrees.

Ruth follows Naomi’s instructions. Boaz wakes up in the middle of the night and asks her who she is. She says she is Ruth and asks him to spread his garment over her as he is her kinsman-redeemer.

Boaz blesses her for her kindness and for choosing him over others. Everyone knows she is of noble character. However, there is a kinsman-redeemer before him who has the first right to redeem. He will ask if he is willing; otherwise, Boaz will accept her.

Ruth left early so no one would know she was at the threshing floor. He gave her barley to take home. Ruth told Naomi all that happened and now they wait for Boaz’s word.


1 ) I see a couple things. One, Ruth asks Boaz to marry her, which is against ancient culture at the time. She is claiming her right under the law since he is a distant relative of Naomi’s. Two, Ruth goes to the threshing floor, which apparently is a bit scandalous if Boaz sends her away before others see her. So here, Ruth takes a risk. Three, Boaz still provides for her and Naomi with grain.

2 ) We have a lot of changes at work so everyone is helping with that.


This Ruth bible study is great so far. I love this chapter of Ruth asking Boaz to marry her. So sweet of a scene. Boaz is so tender with her, too. I think there is real love and caring between them, and it’s obvious Boaz wants to care for her and Naomi. Can’t wait to dive in a bit deeper here. Contact me with questions!

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