Summer Bible Study: WordGo’s Study of Ruth: Week 3, Day 2: Ruth 3:1-4


Naomi desires Ruth to be provided for. She tells her to go down to the threshing floor where he will be winnowing barley. Get all clean and washed and put on your best clothes. She tells her to note where Boaz lies down and then uncover his feet when he does and lie down at his feet. Boaz will then tell her what to do. Ruth agrees.


3 ) Naomi desires Ruth to be provided for. The reward is that Ruth and her will be provided for if Boaz agrees to marry Ruth. The risk is that Ruths reputation could be tarnished by being there and that Boaz could become angry, reject her, and quite provided for the two women as he has been. 4 ) Naomi deeply cares about the well-being of her daughter-in-law. In addition, Ruth cares for and respects Naomi because she immediately agrees without question. She’s trusts Naomi’s wisdom and has faith in her. Furthermore, Ruth is willing to have Boaz as a husband so it shows she cares. 5 ) Someone whom you respect , you will listen to. Someone whom you don’t trust, you will take their advice with a grain of salt. Most people wouldn’t take any major risk on the advice of someone they don’t have faith in. Friendship, trust, and experience with that person matters , too.


I love how Naomi knows exactly what to do. If it weren’t for her, it may have taken a lot longer for Boaz to ask for marriage (if at all) because Ruth does not know the practices of God’s people. Great example too of someone taking the advice of their elders. So many young people don’t do that these days. Contact me if you have questions on the Ruth Bible study today!

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