Summer Bible Study: WordGo’s Study of Ruth: Week 4, Day 2: Ruth 4:1-10


Boaz heads to the town gate to wait for the closer kinsman-redeemer. When he appears, Boaz asks him to join him in a meeting with 10 elders of the town. He asks the kinsman-redeemer if he will redeem Naomi’s husband’s property. If not, he will. The man says he will redeem it. However, Boaz then tells him with the property come Naomi and Ruth.

The man changes his mind, saying he might endanger his own estate. Consequently, the man then took off his sandal in order to legalize the transaction. Boaz announces that he will redeem the property belonging to Naomi that was her husband’s and her sons’ and that he will take Ruth for his wife in order to maintain the name of the dead with the property.


3 ) Redeem is reclaim; to purchase back; to ransom, to liberate, to deliver from bondage. Boaz must first offer the closer kinsman-redeemer the opportunity to redeem the land. He does this with witnesses in order to ensure the agreement is legal. When the other relative declines, Boaz must make sure all know he will be the redeemer instead.

4 ) Boaz does it by the book, ensuring there will be no questions in the future. He plans ahead.

5 ) The marriage is surprising because Ruth is a Moabite, a foreigner, and her people are despised by Israel. Her people are infidels and are thus shunned.


Boaz is meticulous in his plans. This is good and will yield no questions in the future. Given the fact that both will be in the line of Jesus, this is super important so that Jesus’s lineage is not questioned. This shows the wonder of God as he chooses a foreigner, a Gentile, to be in Jesus’s line. This shows our God cares more that you love Him than where you came from. Questions? Contact AtoZMom today!

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