Summer Bible Study: WordGo’s Study of Wisdom: Week 2, Day 5: Psalms 2, 16, 22, and 110

Summary of Psalm 2

Men plot in vain against God. God laughs and says He has installed his king on Zion. He warns the rulers to be wise and to serve the Lord with fear. The Son will lead to their destruction if they don’t.

Summary of Psalm 16

David prays to God to be kept safe. He takes refuge in God. Apart from God, he has nothing. God is his portion and his cup. He praises God and keeps his eye on him. God will make know to him the path of life and fill him with joy.

Summary of Psalm 22

David asks God why he has forsaken him. He trusts God, but asks God not to be far from him. God is his strength and deliverer. God rescues him, and David praises God and his righteousness.

Summary of Psalm 110

God says to his lord (Jesus) to sit at his right hand and he will make enemies at his feet. You are a priest forever in the order of Melchizedek. The Lord is at his right hand. He will judge the nations.

Questions for Psalms 2, 16, 22 & 110

12) Nations and people conspire against God. They say God is too restrictive and that there is no freedom from obeying God. The same. People don’t like what God has to say, so they do their own way — to their own detriment.

13) I praise God for this life, for what he has given me, for his undying faithfulness, and his forever guidance. God delivers me each and every day from sin, and I am grateful.

14) Jesus is God. He is seated at God’s right hand. He is the priest in the order of Melchizedek. He will crush kings and judge the nations. He will lift his head high. Jesus is our almighty savior. I respond with utter surrender.

Conclusions to Wordgo Study of Wisdom Psalms 2, 16, 22 & 110

Lots of reading today! I love how David doubts, but he never gives up on God. That’s what we must do. The Psalms are full of some of life’s great nuggets that we can grab onto and use in our times of need.

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