Summer Bible Study: WordGo’s Study of Wisdom: Week 2, Day 4: Psalms 7, 10 & 13

Summary of Psalm 7

David prays fo God to deliver him from those who pursue him. He finds refuge in God and prays that if he has done evil to be killed. He asks God to judge the people and bring justice and end the wicked. His shield is God, and those who are evil will bring violence on their own heads. He gives thanks to God for his righteousness and praises Him.

Summary of Psalm 10

David asks God why he stands far off at times. Those who do evil believe God won’t notice them. David asks God to not forget the helpless. He asks God to hold those accountable for their wickedness.

Summary of Psalm 13

David again asks God why he is forgotten and why God hides his face from him. He asks for answers. Yet, David trusts in God’s unfailing love, and he praises Him.

Questions for Psalms 7, 10 & 13

9) Savior, Deliverer, just, Ruler, Shield, righteous Judge, Father, King, encourager, compassionate, Most High. Savior and encourager matter the most to me right now.

10) Psalm 7 tells us how God grants justice and how He vindicates. Psalm 10 show us how God deals with those who do evil. God always sees the afflicted and defends the fatherless.

11) I think God sees me, but sometimes it feels as if He does not. I am currently waiting answers to a request. Since patience is not a virtue of mine, it’s a bit stressful. Verse 5: I trust in your unfailing love

Conclusions to Wordgo Study of Wisdom Psalms 7, 10 & 13

I love these verses where David bears his heart like we all do. How he asks God where He is. How he questions God, but he still has faith. That is my desire, too.

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